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Different Behaviors You Should Expect From Caiques Parrots

(Last Updated On: 20/04/2017)

Caiques Behavior and How To Train Them

It is very important when Caiques are kept as pet birds to properly look after them. Caiques behavior and training for different habits is an interesting thing to do for those bird owners who want to invest their time and create a strong bond with Caiques.

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Caiques are intelligent and entertaining birds. They like others also want attention, they need toys and want to play and they also have a tendency to get annoying at times and are noisy.

Caiques are sometimes referred to as ‘clowns’. This is not only because of their colorful feathers but also because they love to dance. One can motivate and encourage the Caiques to dance by clapping on their every move. Caiques also enjoy repeating and mimicking human sounds.

Caiques love to roll on their back and enjoy playing with foot toys or balls. They do not seem to be nervous birds, as they are quite responsive, interactive, and love to be loved. They completely like bathing, and while being on their shower perch they like splashing, performing acrobatics, and dancing in it. They also like drying off time by wrapping them in a fluffy, soft towel.

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For the physical and psychological health of a parrot, exercise and playing are important bird activities that help to prevent suffering and the problems of feather picking and screaming. They enjoy climbing and grinding. Thus providing large link chains, parrot swings, bird ladders, ropes, parrot toys, and fresh branches for chewing could be beneficial for their health. Replacing new bird toys on a regular basis can also be good for the pet’s interest.

In order to create control over a pet, there is a need to have a steady hand when training it. If handled fearfully then they can become aggressive that’s why they are not considered as a beginners pet. When trained and handled correctly, they can become wonderful friends.


Mostly large parrots have a higher intellect but these small creatures are able to compete with their larger cousins since they are very intelligent. They will do what they want and socialize when they are in the mood. Because these birds are clever training them is not a hard task and would not be very time consuming. This is why one has to keep Caiques behavior and training under consideration so these intelligent creatures live in a good way.



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