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Bullmastiff as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Bullmastiff Dog Breed

Bullmastiff is a large dog breed with extra love and concern for their family.

Body Size

The weight of male is around 50-60 KGs. Females have average weight of 45-50 KGs. the height of males is 25-27 inches whereas females are few inches shorter.

Life Span Bullmastiff Dog Breed

The average life span is 8 years.

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Three colors and patterns are allowed for this breed. Fawn colors that vary from light fawn to orange brown; Red and diluted versions of red; and brindle that combines the stripes of fawn and red colors. White markings on chest are found often. The muzzle, nose and flews are black in color.


These dogs have very short and dense coat.


The ears are also dark and they fall from the sides of head till the cheeks. Ears are round edged and overall have triangular shape.


The tail is thin and long and hangs downwards.


The eyes are darker shade of brown. Eyes are placed away from each other and there are grooves that appear between both eyes. The area around the eyes is pigmented with dark color which enhances the intense looks.13051549 817908978340946 4448332103983555589 n 271x480 - Bullmastiff as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

Temperament of Bullmastiff Dog Breed

Bullmastiff are very calm and quiet dogs. They are active, powerful and give lots of love to their master. They should be given proper time for performing some activities or else they could be destructive inside home. If kept busy and happy, they can live without any extra outdoor exercise.

Being natural guard dogs, they are highly territorial. They cannot go along with other pets or dogs unless they are trained from early age. They sense the danger very quickly and alert the owner by barking.

They are very much in love with the family; they give love to the guests and always behave well unless they are approached in wrong way. They could be aggressive at sight of danger and can go to any extent to ensure safety of the owners.

Training of this dog breed requires real hard work because these dogs do not respond to the commands.


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