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Bull Dog as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Bull Dog Dog Breed

Bull Dog is a small breed with a round heavy body and a wrinkly broad face. This is one of the most famous dog breed all over the world and this breed has other sub-breeds like American, French and Old English.

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The height of average dog of this breed is around 12-16 inches. The weight ranges from 22-32 Kgs.

The most prominent feature of this dog is that it is big, broad head and face. The ears are smaller as compared to the overall size of the head. Ears are located distant and are pricked.

The lower jaw contains canines and other teeth which are visible upwards. This jaw style gives the mouth strength to hold prey tightly.

The skin around the mouth is heavily hanging down and it is called sourpuss. The thick folds under the eyes and above nose is called rope.


The coat of these dogs is short and regular. It gives a smooth look.


The bulldogs have smaller tail and thus it is not usually docked.


Bulldogs have big round eyes that appear sunk under the thick loose skin around them.

Life span of Bull Dog’s

The life span is around 8-12 years.


Bulldogs are usually red, fawn, white or brindle as well as piebald.18118528 946188708854443 9220988141588116279 n 400x300 - Bull Dog as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

Temperament of Bull Dog’s

Bull dog are somehow low activity dogs and they have a lower tendency towards learning. Thus they could be difficult to train. They are stubborn and their looks are also wild but they are very friendly and good-natured with their family. They are not aggressive but the seem really terrifying and angry.

These dogs are heavy and they are a bit messy too. They drool a lot. They love to curl up and sleep for longer time and snore loud. They are also famous for being lap dogs.

They make good friends with kids and they play a lot when they are puppies. They heat up very quickly and they need to stay in cooler places. Their non-sporting nature makes them good pets for those people who have low activity going on in the house.


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