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Building Dog House

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Suggestions about Building Dog House

When a dog is kept as a pet, it definitely needs its own place to rest and sleep. Dog house is a requirement for keeping dog safely. The housing of dogs depends on many factors which are being discussed in this article.

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Housing According To the Breed

It is essential to do a lot of research regarding the breed’s behavior and living habits. A Languid Bulldog will certainly be pleased with a small space such as a corner in the yard, but if one wants to keep an active breed such as a Pointer then lack of space will probably drive the poor dog insane.

Active and working breeds must be provided with airy and commodious runs, spacious kennels and care should be taken not to keep them in tight quarters. Opposite fencing is also vital along with apropos housing so as to ensure proper safety of the dog.

Situational Requirements

Climatic conditions such as wind, direct sun, cold etc. are an important factor to be looked into while deciding a place to house a dog. In case of a cold and snowy region, kennel insulation will be required. Hot climates also need attention making sure that the kennel is not too hot, avoid painting the kennel black in hot weather.

Different breeds react in different ways to the weather due to different coats and amount of fat, e.g. A Saint Bernard has a healthy coat and will be better-off as compared to a Greyhound in cold weather.

Housing According To the Size and Space

If the owner has a cozy, airy and less cluttered garage, it can prove to be the best place to house a dog, but if it is full of gear and the dog is pushed to live in a closed corner, the dog will find it irritating. A duplex or an apartment or any attached units means that the interaction of the dog with neighbors will be a strong consideration since many dogs do not prefer to live in places where random people interact and irritate them; this also depends on the type of neighbors.

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Housing According To Size of Dogs

Dog House and housing requirements primarily depends upon the dog’s needs to stay warm, safe and dry.

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Small dogs

Figurine breeds such as Terriers, Shih tzu and Bichons, because of the trivial size, are ideal pets as house dogs, provided these are trained well. These dogs can easily fit in a mat or a doggy bed almost the size of a normal cat bed. Keeping them in a garage or laundry is ideal.

Large dogs

Large dogs such as medium built Spaniels, Boxers or Terriers, enjoy staying outside in a huge space, they want a lot of activity and a large area to move around; keeping them inside becomes dreary and irritating not only for the owner but for the dog as well.

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