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Brittany as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Brittany Dog Breed

This dog is basically a hunting dog, birds hunting to be specific. The origin of this breed is from France. This breed is referred to as Spaniel but in reality it has characteristics of a pointer dog. The Physical and behavioral features of this dog makes it perfect to keep as pet. This beautiful dog has a face with very alert features.

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Body Size of Brittany Dog Breed

Brittany is medium size dog with high energy. Their body is smart and athletic. The weight of average dog if this breed is around 15-20 KGs. The height is around 17-20 inches. Females are shorter and less heavy.

The American breed of this dog is bigger in size as compared to French breed.


This dog has a short, dense and smooth coat. The feathers are found over the ears, neck and around hind legs. The grooming requirements of this dog are less.


This dog has variety of colors. Orange and white, liver and white or tri-colors of liver, orange and white are most common and standard for them.


Tail docking is very common due its hunting job. Normal length of tail varies but usually 1 to 3 inches of tail is docked.


This dog has long hanging ears that are round. Ears are usually feathered and colored.

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Temperament of Brittany Dog’s

Brittany is a dog which has no standard behaviors. Naturally, they are hunters. They have all qualities of being smart, highly active and intelligent with a gentle side that is very family oriented and fun loving.

This is a good social dog. They need to be loved a lot. They are active family members. They don’t like to stay alone much and they do well with other pets and dogs. But sometimes they don’t like to share their owner. They need a job to properly consume their energy otherwise they will start finding their own activities which could be destructive for house. Long walks are suggested for them and it is better to keep them along other dogs due to their social nature.

This dog is all-rounder which means it is as good when used for different activities as it is when kept as household pet.


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