How to Breed Macaws Parrots in Captivity

Breeding Macaws in Captivity


Breeding Macaws


Macaws are very special and expensive birds and breeding Macaws is a delight; their chicks are exquisite and charming.

For the process to occur properly and safely owners need to be able to determine the sex of their birds, know if the pair is right for each other and provide everything that these bird’s will need for a healthy life style to produce healthy off springs.

Breeding Macaws

Breeding Macaws

Breeding Age

Macaw’s reach maturity at 3 to 4 years of age, and can be paired with the opposite gender to start the breeding process. In this age Macaws are emotionally stable and are mature enough to understand how to react to the opposite sex and they are able to get along with the other parrots easily for the purpose of breeding and pairing.

Breeding Pairing

Macaws must be paired when they reach the age of 3 to 5 years. Pairing is usually done by keeping the parrots side by side in separate cages for some time. This way the parrots can get to know one another and then after few weeks they can be paired together in the same cage. If two Macaws do not show any signs of distress towards the other and sit side by side easily then they are perfect for each other.

Breeding Macaws

Macaws should only be paired with Macaws of the same breed to avoid complications in the off spring. Also health of the pair must be checked to attain healthy off springs.

Breeding Process

After determine the sex of Macaws they should be allowed to bond with each other. It will help if a nest box is purchased for the couple; 8 inch of bedding material should be placed at the bottom of the nest box. These birds should then left be alone where the male will dance around the female to attract her and they soon will mate.

Breeding Macaws

Relevant Tips

When Macaws seem difficult to be paired together, owners must make sure that there is more interaction between the birds paired so that with time these birds may get along to avoid issues in their pairing or breeding. If there are no off springs produced by a pair, give the pair some more time to live together. Breeding Macaws could test owner’s patience sometimes as birds are not ready to mate until a long time. In this case, the birds should be kept together to develop strong bond and liking for each other.


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