Breeding Amazon Parrots – A Quick and Simple Guide for Beginners

Breeding in Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are of many varieties: Blue-fronted Amazons, yellow fronted, orange winged, green cheeked and lilac crowned Amazons. It is always recommended that the breeding must be done among the same species. Many owners try to cross breed but this has only slightly proven to be positive, usually parrots of different species never create any mutual ground hence they never produce off springs. There are many things that one needs to take care of when breeding.

Breeding in Amazon parrots


One of the essential steps in breeding parrots is that they must be paired at an age when they can get along with their partner. If these parrots are not paired from the beginning then it may be hard for the same specie parrots to get along. This has been witnessed many times and the efforts of these parrot owners have been completely wasted.  If a certain age is exceeded then these parrots will never be able to make pairs and adjust. Ages may vary and at times the correct age may be hard to tell but it is not impossible.

Taking the orange winged Amazon parrots, it is essential to know that unless they are 5 or 6 years old, they may never mate. They may get sexually mature early but are not ready till 5 or 6 years. If these birds are from the wild, then they are not at all used to captivity and may take at least 3 years more in order to get used to the captivity and hence start breeding.

Parrots caught from the wild and placed in the same cage can take time to get accustomed to their partners even if they are of the same gender. If owners are concerned about them getting along then it must be made sure that the birds are kept in separate cages which are placed side by side. This will help the birds cope with strangers since they are allowed to see each other but not be threatened. When they feel comfortable enough they should be allowed to share a cage.

Keeping in view of their sensitive behavior, If seen that one pair has been paired for a long time and they have been unable to produce any eggs then no immediate action to break that pair and separate them must be taken. Each pair needs time and some parrots need more time to reproduce. This is nothing to worry about and owners must not jump to any conclusions about that one particular pair without considering giving them enough time.

Breeding in Amazon Parrots

Breeding in Amazon Parrots

Breeding season

Birds cannot be forced to breed. Even if they are kept in the same cage owners need to make sure that no unpredictable behavior is to be seen. The months of April, May and June are best for breeding and during these months parrots need to be put together in cages for normal breeding to take place.


Clear Eggs

Clear eggs are those that do not contain a yolk. Clear eggs are common in parrots and should not be a cause for worry. Another season must be given for the pair to reproduce; the pair should not be separated and coupled with different parrots since this may ruin the bond that has been created over a long period of time.

Patience is essential when efforts are exerted in to help Amazon parrots breed. All they need is great care, large cages, good quality food and ample sunlight to stay healthy. Owners must check parrots at intervals to make sure their health does not come in their way of breeding. If parrots are to be found sitting at one place continuously and not flying around much, then it is necessary to get them checked by a vet.

Breeding in Amazon parrots

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