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Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information and Their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Boston Terrier Dog Breed

This beautiful breed is a result of cross breeding between English Terrier and Bulldog. This is a fighter breed and its name given to it because it was breeded in Boston city.

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The average weight of these terriers is 15-25 pounds. The height is around 15 to 17 inches. The front legs are shorted than hind legs and gives them a strong appearance.


Boston Terrier are short coated dogs. There are not much grooming requirements. The coat keeps them warm in winters.


These terriers come in variety of colors along with white. Mostly Black, brindle, brown, seal along with white are found. According to a standard of this breed, the white color should cover the neck, chest and muzzle. The combination of white color with other darker color gives these dogs a “gentleman” appearance.


These terriers have long erected ears. Ear cropping is adopted by some owners but it is not recommended.


These terrier have big round eyes with dark color. There is always a white strip between both eyes.


Tail docking for this dog is very common although it is not advised. They naturally have medium length thin tail.

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Temperament of Boston Terrier Dog Breed

Boston Terrier are fun to be around. They are very entertaining dogs. They are lovely, energetic, smart. But they are somehow difficult to house train due to low intelligence. They are very social and love to be around humans. They share all the activities of their owners. They love to share bed and couch.

They are good watch dogs, they don’t bark without specific reason. They are happy dogs and become friends very soon.

They love to play with their toys and like to hang out.

This terrier should be kept at lower room temperatures because they overheat very early. Similarly they cannot bear a very cold climate. It means that the activity level of these dogs must be normal.

These dogs are very famous pets because of their good nature and habits.


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