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Border Collie Dog Breed Details and Their Breed Information

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Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie is not a breed that is famous for its looks. This breed comes under work dogs category and due to its hyper-activeness; it is used for many tasks. These tasks include taking care of herds, working at farms along with live-stock. This breed is presented in dog shows and competitions because they are very active, smart and extremely obedient learners. Due to these basic characteristics, they are also called Sheep-dogs.

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Body size

They are not huge size dogs. They have an average size body like any domestic dog. Average weight of a male is approximately 20 Kg. Females are a few Kg less than males.

Life span of Border Collie

The life span of this breed is about 10 to 12 years. Due to their involvement in many activities, they are in constant danger of getting injured and having some serious accident.


They have a healthy long coat that is about 3-5 inches long. The hair could be dense and smooth depending upon the health and genes of dog. They also shed like any other long haired dog. Due to their long coat, they are prone to insect and parasite attack and growth over outer body.


They come in variety of colors. The most common is black and white. They are also found in combination of any colors, where brown or any variant of red is found along with basic black and/or white. They can also be found in single color like fawn and lilac.


The eye colors vary from browns to blues. There is not distinction in this regard. They can also have odd colored eyes. But the most preferable eye color is considered brown.


Border Collie are very active dogs and their ears prove it. Those who come with very erected and pointed ears are highly active. Others might have bit flat ears that are not very pointed and could be floppy. Ideally, those with active expressions and erected ears are considered to be pure bred.

Temperament of Border Collie

Border Collies are work dogs. They hardly are happy as home based pets because of lack of activities. They are so energetic that sometimes owners cannot find ways to deal with that much energy and the owner dog relationships gets spoiled. It is always favorable to have these dogs if someone is looking for a friend and companion for outdoor activities. Keeping them at farm houses is a good decision.

Herding is their natural instinct and this causes even more issues if they are kept at home. They cannot be kept with other pets and children or even around cars. They are strong car chasers which is a big risk. They do it because of their over-protective nature otherwise they are very loving and loyal to the house and owners.

They don’t bark much but still they are intelligent and trustworthy to keep as watch-dog.

If someone can match their energy level with these dogs then they must be kept as pets. They are fun to be around if they are allowed to do things they want to do.

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