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Blue Tongued Skink – Introduction

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Introduction of Blue Tongued Skink

Blue tongued Skink are also known as blue tongue lizards that belong to the category of lizards. Blue tongued skinks are basically known for their kind nature, charming body and obviously their blue tongues which helps them to be an excellent house pet and for those people who love to keep pets especially reptiles.

There are 6 species of Blue Tongued skinks which are usually found in Australia and in many parts of the world too that are mainly forests and other areas with greenery. But they are usually found in dry, tropical woods or in meadows. These lizards love to spend their time with children or adults. Blue Tongued Skins are best known for their blue tongues which are included in its beauty and are exported from Australia to the other parts of the world.

Blue Tongued Skinks are amazing reptiles to be kept in captivity and as pets. They can go well with other animals and humans around. They can be well handled by both adult and children and are not a threat for attacking at all. Their body shape, color and size attracts people and so has become one of the most popular pets in the reptile category kept at home. Because of the successful breeding in captivity, they are not available all over the world in different captivities, however one must make sure that they get the proper living conditions in order to survive.  

Physical Description

Blue Tongued skink's is that they have blue tongues that are long and have a very shining blue color of their tongue which enhances its attractiveness. The texture of their tongue is scaly. They look familiar to snakes because of their outstretched body and its skin texture that looks like a snake. These lizards have stripes on their body that are colored as dark brown or black.

A blue tongue skink has broad heads which are triangular in shape. If these lizards are brought up in a good environment and are given a healthy diet will grow with the length of 60 cm. These lizards do not have a very long life and are able to survive for 20 years maximum. Another Blue Tongued Skink physical description is that their average weight is about 18 ounces.

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