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Blue Tongued Skink as Pet lizards and their Housing

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Blue Tongued Skink as Pet Lizards and their Housing

The Blue Tongue Skink are very famous as pet lizards and their housing can be a simple yet challeneging task.If you have decided to keep blue tongue skinks as your pet then the first thing you should do is to bring a cage or glass tanks for a complete ambiance so that they can live well and have the most perfect Blue Tongue Skink housing. It depends on the owner whether he keeps tanks or cages.

Plastic cages or melamine cages could be bought by the owner for the Blue Tongue Skink housing as they are easily available and are more appropriate for baby tongue Skinks. If about 20 gallon glass tank is used it would be more comfortable for these Skinks. These cages are available in pet stores and can be bought online too.

For the Blue Tongue Skink housing, enclosure size is also another important factor that should be considered as blue tongue skinks need space to roam and climb so enclosure should be available for them according to their age. The bigger the enclosure is the happier these Skinks will be and will love their place too!

Blue tongue skinks are found in deserts where the temperature is high and therefore will also need a high temperature in the enclosure for the growth of these Skinks. The enclosure should be divided into two sides; one with the warm side which should be around 90F to 120F and the other should be around 80F. For this the owner should keep thermometers on both the sides to measure its temperature. For heating the enclosure the owner can use basking light and the light should be switched off at night.

Furthermore, these Skinks need area to play and hide themselves in these enclosures which could be made by and plastic or wooden material. Artificial trees or plants could also be planted that will help them to climb on its branches and play with them. This will also provide a natural look and feel in the Blue Tongue Skink housing.

Blue tongue skinks also likes to play on the floor in which different items like hard towel or reptile carpets could be used for the flooring. For Blue Tongue Skink housing, reptile carpets could be easily found in many pet stores as well as in newspapers or on the internet too.

The perfect Blue Tongue Skink housing is the one which provides the complete habitat for the skink to live happily and have a successful breeding. For Blue Tongue Skink housing, the owner should give their complete attention along with its maintenance for these famous pet lizards



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