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Behavior of Blue Tongued Skink

(Last Updated On: 06/04/2017)

Behavior of Blue Tongued Skink

The Blue Tongued Skink behavior is known for gentle nature which is a positive point which leads towards keeping these lizards as pets. They can fit well in those houses which have little children around. These reptiles are best for those people who love to keep pets. According to this Skink behavior,

they love being carried out by human’s hands and really enjoy being with them. Because of their calm nature they can be excellent household pets and great for those people who are keeping reptiles in captivity as pets for the first time and have children around their house

blue tongued skink 3 225x300 - Behavior of Blue Tongued Skink

Blue tongue skink has big tongues that can attack and becomes very active in sunlight. Whenever Blue tongue skinks are about to get attacked or are disturbed they pull their body upwards by opening their mouth wide open so that they look bigger in their size and later attack them back or usually destroy them, it is the Blue Tongued Skink behavior to show aggression. When they attack a person or any animal they use their tongue as they have small teeth and bite them with their tongue after hissing. This is scaring sight for those who are not familiar with the behavior of these skinks.

blue tongued skink 2 300x224 - Behavior of Blue Tongued Skink

Blue tongue skinks have small and thick tails which surprisingly can re-grow if they are broken or attacked. They grow with the same size. Moreover, these Skinks can eat small insects but the maximum it can eat is about a big snail that can be swallowed by these Skinks very easily.

The behavior of these skinks is very calm and loving. it is because of their behavior that these skinks become excellent pets and reptiles to be kept in captivity.
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