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Blue Tongue Skink Breeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Blue Tongued Skink for sale and Breeding

When we talk about Blue Tongue Skink for sale and breeding, then they can breed well but for that they need good enclosure and diet. For the Blue Tongued Skink breeding, an owner should select a healthy breeding pair for these Skinks. If the owner has a female Skink and just bought a male,

then first he should check them in case there’s a fight between them. At first the male Skink will move around the female Skink and then will climb on its back and will hold her neck with its mouth and then will start mating.

After they are done the owner can separate the male and the female otherwise there will be some trouble in the Blue Tongued Skink breeding process. The female Skink must have a substrate in their enclosure so that she can easily lay eggs. The laying process takes 3 months, during this period the owner should feed the pregnant Skink with a good diet and calcium supplements for her health, it is the important part of Blue Tongued Skink breeding. Also, they can lay about 25 eggs in a single clutch.

In case you want to do a successful Blue Tongued Skink breeding then make sure the skinks are healthy, you have given them the correct environment to breed and they are getting a good diet. With all such things provided, the Blue Tongued Skink breeding will be successful and you will have some amazing and healthy offspring.

When one is looking forward to purchase these beautiful lizards, one needs to look for them in their local area. Locally there are many shops and dealers who may have the blue tongue skink however there are some which might not have any. If a person wants to have them bad then they can search for the breeders present locally. There are many breeders in the country who are breeding the Blue Tongue skink in the captivity. They can be visited or the order can be placed online. The Blue tongue skink for sale advertisements are also placed on different platforms such as the social media, websites and the newspaper.


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