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Our Love for the Little Ones

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Our Love for the Little Ones

Pets, the hold a very important part in our lives, in fact they can be our life. We provide them with lots of love, care and attention; in return they provide us with unconditional love. This love is greater on so many levels; it makes you feel like that you are the only person in this world. Taking an example of a dog, for you they might be a part of your life, but for them you are their life. A dog will take any measure to keep their owner happy and protected.

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Dog is one of the most faithful companion who will love you unconditionally. A dog has senses which keep them connected to their owner. If the owner is tensed, they won’t express about it or even tell them to their friends or family members, but a dog will know. The dog will notice the frown on their owner’s face and tensed body language along with the heart beat. The dog will then soothe their owner by either playing with them, kissing through licking them or by snuggling in them. As per reported, those people who have dogs are less likely to have heart problems and problems related to blood pressure. When a person is tensed, their heart beat increases and so does the blood pressure, or at times blood pressure may get low. The dog will detect it making the owner feel comfortable or helping them.

When a person is sad or angry, the dogs can also detect those feelings in their humans. In case the person is angry, the dog will just cuddle or put their heads on the owner’s laps to make them comfortable. At this stage the dog will not be hyper, active or in playing state since they know it will irritate the owner or make them angrier. The same case is when a person is sad, crying or grieving, let me recall you a personal event of my life. My female German shepherd called Maxi had two puppies who were three months old at the time when one of the pups. Before the puppy died, he had disappeared and we kept looking for him in the entire house and also the neighborhood. I had started crying and my Maxi was angry and barking at the gardener. When she heard me crying she just came to me and started snuggling in me and kissing me, that’s when I also saw a sadness in her eyes for her child and the immense love for me, instead of looking for her puppy she came to calm me down. After two days of search, we found the puppy dead behind the bushes. Another event was with my father who has a very short tempered nature. He was angry one day and had a huge fight with my grandfather and mother. He was furious and he was that type of person who would throw anything when furious. We had a male Dalmatian called Clinton who then soothed him down. My father was sitting in the patio, that’s when Clinton came and kept his head on his feet. After a while he started licking my father’s toes making him calm and later they were playing and my dad came in happy. Perhaps, dogs are the most important things in our life, and we love them, more than we can love the humans.

The similar case is with the cats. As we all know that cats are the queen or they have dominant nature. They like it when things are in their way, however this might be true but cats love equally. Cats will know what their human owner is feeling without the human expressing it. They may calm and soothe their owner in different states. Taking an example of my mother, who is the owner of a female white grey tabby Persian called Kesha. When we brought Kesha home she was only one and half month old, she was dethatched form her mother at a very young age. Kesha would make crying noises on her first night with us, that’s when my mom wrapped her in a small blanket and made her sleep close her chest, today Kesha is 3 years old and still sticks around with my mom and consider her as her mother. If my mother is tensed, Kesha will straight go to her, arch her back and rub her body against hers making a purring sound. When my mother is said or crying, it’s Kesha who will make her clam, will lick away the tears and will purr all her sadness and tension away. In return my mother loves her equally; probably more than she loves me and my siblings, for her Kesha is her whole world, her complete life.

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I have male blue Persian called Bubu who is six years old at the moment. If I had a fight with my boyfriend, especially late during night when everyone is sleep, I would cry silently. By just the sound of my sniffing, Bubu will wake up from his deep slumber and will immediately be at my side removing tears from his soft paw pads and purring and rubbing his wet nose on my ear and neck. This makes me forget about the guy I have fought with, who needs love when you have such amazing pets around you to make you happy, who doesn’t judge you and loves you for what you are.

Taking my personal experience in account and also others who are around me, our love for the little ones will grow forever and they will always have a huge place in our hearts like we have for them. It is highly recommended that one keeps a dog or cat in their house. They should not only keep it, but provide them the equal love, care and attention so you might get the unconditional love back. The time spent with pets is worth remembering than anything else in this world. 

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