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A Cat Saves Boy from an Attacking Dog

(Last Updated On: 18/04/2017)

A Cat Saves Boy from an Attacking Dog

It’s amazing how great companion cats can be. There was a very recent reporting of a cat saves boy life. In the Bakersfield, California, a four year old boy was cycling around his pavement during the day hours as caught by the security cameras. The boy was cycling peacefully and that’s when a dog attacks behind from the SUV and grabs the boy’s leg and starts to pull. While the buy was struggling his cat came along to the rescue.

The video has been uploaded all over the internet and its starts off with the title ‘My cat saved my son’. It can be seen that the little boy is cycling around a white SUV, when all of a sudden a dog comes from behind and attacks the kid by leg and pulling him. The cat all of the sudden attacks the dog and chases it away while the mother is at the bag helping the kid. The cat chases the dog away and then runs back towards the kid and his mother and then they all run back into the house. In the video, some deep bite marks can also be seen, and also of the stitches given after.

6ubk 300x189 - A Cat Saves Boy from an Attacking Dog

The little boy and his family own a pet cat. When the scenario started, the cat came running along and attacking the dog. The cat tackled the dog, clawed a little after which the dog left the boy’s leg and ran away.  It reported that the boy is doing fine however needed stitches on the wounded leg. The mother of the boy says very proudly of their cat and how amazing the cat saves boy life. The dog belonged to a neighbor who continues to show aggression and has some temperament and dominance issue. The owners have failed to control the behavior of their dog, even though the dog went under some training school. The neighbor has also decided to euthanize the dog since it was continuing to show aggression and was out of control most of the time.

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This video is a lesson for those people who think that cats are usually moody and prefer royal treatment. Many people consider that cats cannot be good companions like dogs can be. Here the video has proved many wrong and it is completely amazing how the cat fights off the dog. Here the dog is just in an aggression state. This can be result to some diseases in the dog or for aggressive training by the owners; the dog isn’t at fault here either.

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