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Rocco & Roxie Co. Stain & Odor Eliminator

(Last Updated On: 06/02/2017)

Rocco & Roxie Co. Stain & Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie Co. is famous for making a lot of good products and in this review we will be talking about their new product which is the Rocco & Roxie Co. Stain & Odor Eliminator

Product Introduction

Rocco & Roxie Co. is best pet odor eliminator product for eliminating  urine odor and urine stains as well. This product works on upholstery, carpets and other surfaces with a guarantee. The reason for its being a best-selling item is because it is something that all cat owners badly need. It is not very rare that our cats mess up and all the training to use litter box simply vanishes from cats’ minds. Sometimes cats are going through some trauma, fear, disease or heat period and they could urinate anywhere possible. Most of the times, they use some extremely central place for peeing.

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Product Usage

  • The product claims to work on eliminating all kinds of odors and stains caused by pets. It includes pee, poop and vomiting.
  • This product is approved from Carpet and Rug Industry and it will never damage the carpets and rugs later on.
  • This product is not harmful for the human environment, hence could be used at house with children around.
  • This product works wonders during litter training process. Whenever a cat is urinating at some wrong place, this place could be completely cleansed from all sort of urine odors and stains, therefore, cat normally does not use that place for regular use.m2FiDYlxWCfz7ewfw2h1Qhg - Rocco & Roxie Co. Stain & Odor Eliminator

Average Rating by Users

This amazing product is rated on Amazon.com by more than 1500 customers. The average rating is 4.6 which mean this product is loved by all pet owners. Users who have left their feedback have mostly stated that this product is a savior otherwise they might have had to spend a lot of money in buying new couches and sofas. Similarly, people have praised regarding the awesome customer care services via emails.

Best part is that this product is not limited to cats only, it could be used to correct the mess created by all types of pets.

Some people on the other hand do not like this product because they think that it has a very loud fragrance of its own and instead of eliminating the odor, it simply covers odor with its own fragrance. It is also witnessed by some that if the product is used in a greater quantity over a bigger area then it leaves stain of its own (discoloration) which means that the stain of urine might go but it could leave a shade over the cleansed area.

Use Product Carefully

In order to avoid any problems later, it is best to follow the product usage instructions or simply contact the customer care. This product is a savior being best pet odor eliminator in pet households and it is an ultimate necessity as well. The price of product is bit higher but obviously it serves a certain purpose and it is a cleaning product so it is okay to spend few bucks on it instead of replacing the whole couch or furnishings.

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