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The Best Commercial Cat Food Brands Available

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Cats love to eat. They will always be hungry and have generous amount of space anytime. They would eat their own food and may even come to you if you are having something yourself. There are some cats that are very cranky and may only eat dry or canned cat food. There are also some people who do not have enough time to feed their cats with home cooked meal and so rely on commercial based pet food. There are many brands available in the market, however having the best one which is not harmful for cats and is a source of healthy diet is highly recommended. Here are some of the best and safe brands you can order online and get it to deliver to your doorstep.

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One of the best foods for cats is the Hill Science Diet which also stands among the list of 10 best foods for cats. This food brand is known for its amazing ingredients which is safe for the consumption by a cat. It provides nutrients which are easy to digest and offers a balanced diet for the cat. The food includes taurine, essential amino acids and multivitamins that promote healthy growth of vital organs including the heart and kidneys.

The second best food for cats is the Wellness Core Adult and Kitten Food. Not all grain-free pet foods are created equal. Higher levels of protein can result in higher levels of calcium and phosphorus. These elevated mineral levels can interfere with the absorption of trace minerals like zinc and iron which over time, can result in poor growth rates, skin lesions and low red blood cell levels. Wellness CORE Grain-Free formulas have guaranteed maximum levels of both calcium and phosphorus. AAFCO does not require any mention of calcium or phosphorus on a guaranteed analysis and most pet food brands at best, may only guarantee minimums. One can also get it in Turkey and Duck flavors.

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Cats are usually found of dry food, however it is said that these dry food are the main source of stones in cats. If monitored and given the best brand, then this problem can be terminated and for that the Royal Canin Dry Food for Cats is highly recommended brand. Royal Canin Indoor Adult Cat 27 cat food is made special for indoor adult cats from 1-10 years of age. Cats living exclusively indoors have a more sedentary lifestyle, lower energy requirements and a higher risk of obesity.

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Another healthy cat food brand is the Blue Buffalo. Its unique formula of brown rice and chicken will certainly make your cat want to have some more. Those cats that usually are very cranky when it comes to food, then this healthy food is the best for them. Another excellent food brand for cats is Innova Nature which comes in Turkey and Chicken flavor and also has vegetables in this formula. This dry food is also healthy and safe for cat’s consumption with balanced nutrients and minimal chances of having stones.

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