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Easy Tips for Removing Cat Tear Stains

(Last Updated On: 11/03/2017)

Best Cat Tear Stains Remover

Persian cats and other cats with flat faces and problem of tear staining need extreme care. Cat tear stains look awful on the beautiful cats’ faces. People keep on asking about the ways to keep the tear stains away and also how to keep cat’s face dry for long (so that tears do not leave stains).

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persian tear overflow large 400x335 - Easy Tips for Removing Cat Tear StainsThe facial structure of a cat could not be change and it is not possible to stop a cat from having watery eyes or tears flowing downwards and staying in the creases around nose. The only thing which could help is the ineffectiveness of the creases to welcome tears at the first place. It could happen with the help of some special product made for this purpose. On the personal level, no one wants to use any excessive products or chemicals on their cats but if something is really showing amazing results and helping the cat to avoid nasty tear stains then it is no less than blessing. White cat tear stains are worse because these look extremely dirty and the cat’s keeper also looks responsible for not keeping the cat clean. This product does not includes bleaching contents and hence shows no side effects

Eye Envy cat tear stain remover product includes the cleaning solution, pads and a powder to use in the end for keeping the creases dry. Here is a link to the video which shows how to use the products.


Its very easy to use the products on cat’s eyes. The products are safe and best thing is that it is not just for cat tear stains, it could be used on any kind of stains formed over cat’s body. This products guarantees cleaning the problem area. 

It is better if this product is not used if the cat is having some other eye infections because in these cases, cat would need proper veterinary treatment. 

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