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Bearded Dragon Behavior – (Pogona)

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Bearded Dragon or Pogona Behavior

When it comes to Bearded Dragon or Pogona behavior, they are known for their calm nature and so they make excellent household pets, they can be brought up well in those houses which have little children around. Because of their behavior are easy to keep as pets and is perfect for those people who are amateur in keeping reptiles as pets. This lizard loves being carried around by human’s hands and so doesn’t gets stressed.

One of their behaviors, which is unique is that they can also change their skin color, when they are facing a rivalry challenge with another male in the enclosure they change color. When a Bearded Dragon is absorbing heat its color changes into black, and when there is a change in temperature or Bearded Dragon’s temperament the color also changes. When you have placed another male in the enclosure and you notice aggressive behavior, it is important you separate both the lizards immediately to avoid any fight.

When a Bearded Dragon is angry or in a pose to attack it will extend its throat and bob its head and will also make gestures with hands. If male Bearded Dragons are kept in one enclosure a fight may break out because of territorial issues and so separating them is important.

If you find your bearded dragon digging in the enclosure then it means it’s looking for a comfortable place for basking or for going under brumation which is also known as semi hibernation during the winter season. If your female Bearded Dragon is digging then it means she is going to lay her eggs.

If you find your Bearded Dragon lying on top of each other than it is an act of dominance, and so by this the one lying top gets most of the UV rays whereas the lower does not. If you find your Dragon breathing with its mouth open then it is regulating its body temperature.

Bearded Dragons are calm and they are not aggressive, they are only aggressive when another male is introduced or when they are stressed and you are annoying them. This might result in clawing and even biting. If a Bearded Dragon doesn’t want to be outside it’s enclosure or doesn’t want to be held it will move away or will bob its head. This article is the perfect guide for Pogona behavior and characteristics with the complete information present about it.


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