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Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium – (Pogona)

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

pogona housing 225x300 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium

Once you have decided on getting a Bearded Dragon or its pair, the first thing to do is to get a tank or aquarium along with other accessories for the Bearded Dragon Housing and vivarium which is required to provide dragons a perfect enclosure and habitat so that they can live well. An owner can use four types of different tanks and aquarium which are vision cages, PVC cages, Melamine Cages and simple glass Aquarium.

Apart for enclosure for the housing there are also different things which are required which are also known as the accessories. These accessories may include a variety of must have or must need items for the housing. Some of the accessories may include basking lights which may provide the warm temperature to the enclosure, one may also need thermometers to regulate and keep a check on the temperature of the housing.

Another very important point for the housing is the size of the enclosure. The size has a very much importance for the housing. One may need different sizes of the enclosure according to the number, length or the age of the bearded dragon.

Below mentioned are the links to the complete details of the types of cages, sizes and accessories needed for the housing.

vivarium 300x225 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Enclosure size for Bearded Dragon Housing

For your Bearded Dragon growth, enclosure size really does matter. A bearded Dragon needs space to roam, climb and hide and so a large enclosure should be available to them according to their age.

The enclosure sizes which are for the babies should be a tank which can support 20 gallons of water. Whereas a single large adult Dragon will need a space of 40 gallon tank and this can also support a pair.

The bigger the enclosure is the happier your Dragon is and you will notice its color is bright and is happily roaming around and enjoying and is also in good condition. If you want to ensure the happiness, calm mood and a good healthy Dragon then do focus on the enclosure size for Bearded Dragon housing and vivarium. Purrs n Grss strives to provide the complete information to all the pet lovers in the world.

Types of cages for Bearded Dragon housing and Vivarium

pogona vision 300x160 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Vision Cages: These types of cages are made from a molded piece of good quality plastic which are resistant to chemicals, heat and their maintenance is very easy. These cages are used by professionals because of built in heat lamps and it covers a very little space, these cages are very common among Bearded Dragons breeders.

pogona pvc 300x176 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

PVC Cages: These types of cages are made from light PVC plastic and so carrying them around or moving them is very simple. These cages are expensive in cost but they look attractive and smooth to touch. These cages are strong and durable their maintenance is very easy as well.

pogona melamine 225x300 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Melamine Cages: These types of cages are made from melamine wood which is easily available; with these woods an owner can build the tank for their Bearded Dragon themselves. There are various Melamine cages available online for sale. These cages are available in white color only and so it makes your Bearded Dragon happy and it loves the enclosure because of the extra light reflection. Melamine cages are heavy and they are expensive too.

pogona glass 300x208 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Glass Aquariums: this is the most popular and the most common types of cages and other types of lizards because of its easy availability and maintenance. Glass Aquariums are easily available and are also affordable. The only problem in glass aquarium is the insulation and so the owner should have an open lid to keep the insulation in there. Glass tanks or aquariums are heavy and so they have to be fixed in one place only. Cleaning these tanks is easily and many lizards’ owners usually use this cage as an enclosure.

This information about the Bearded dragon housing and vivarium can be very helpful. Follow the link to learn more about the Accessories

vivarium 1 300x225 - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)


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