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Bearded Dragon Diet and Feeding – (Pogona)

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Bearded Dragon Diet and Feeding

Once you have decided to keep a Bearded Dragon and you have also selected the enclosure, the next important step is to know what to feed which is essential for Bearded Dragon diet, what not to and what are their nutritional needs. In order to allow them to survive well in captivity, they need a proper and balanced diet so that they can grow well, breed well and live a healthy life. Bearded Dragons are omnivore, that is they can eat vegetables, fruits, grains and insects.

They should be given a balanced diet to make sure they have a proper diet. Bearded Dragons should be fed with small insects which can be easily digested and they should be fed live, not dead.

What to feed the babies:

A young Bearded Dragon need more supply of insects in its diet as compared to vegetables and fruits for the complete Bearded Dragon caring. These insects will provide them with the essential nutrients which are required for their growth. An owner should leave fresh vegetable in the cage which should be finely chopped and the owner must feed the babies three times in a day with insects. In determining the quantity of insects to feed, let’s take the example of crickets. An owner can leave 20 crickets in the cage and then should check on how much the baby has eaten in the time interval of 15 minutes. If the crickets are left count them and take them out of the cage, the owner can then note down the number of crickets the baby has eaten. In case the baby has eaten all the crickets and is still active and looking here and there, this means it is still hungry and needs more crickets; in this case you can increase the quantity, but make sure you note that.

What to feed adult Bearded Dragons:

As compared to babies, adults  do not need much supply of insects otherwise it will make them dull and they will gain weight which can be dangerous for them. Adult Bearded Dragons must be fed three times in a day and from that one time only insects should be fed while in other two times vegetables and fruits should be fed. For the quantity of insects to feed an adult, an owner can note just as mentioned above for feeding the babies.

Insects to be fed to Bearded Dragons:

Insects which are safe to be consumed in the Bearded Dragon diet are those only which are brought from pet stores or online. Never feed those insects which are caught in the open as they may carry different germs or are carrying insecticide or pesticide spray, this may claim to be fatal for the Bearded Dagon. An owner can feed Bearded Dragons crickets, Butter Worms, Flies, Black Solider Fly Larvae, Earth Worms, Dubia roaches, Red Worms, Super Worms and Locusts.

Nutrients your Bearded Dragon Needs:

If an owner is giving bearded Dragon a good and fresh supply of vegetables then the owner must not feed them with extra supplement of Vitamins otherwise they may cause poisoning in the lizards. For a healthy work out of your Bearded Dragon you can feed them a supplement of Multivitamins which are safe for reptile consumption and won’t cause poisoning in the Lizard.

What kinds of vegetables, plants and fruits should be fed?

A Bearded Dragons should be fed with chopped artichoke, Bell Peppers, Beetroots, Cabbage, Butternut Squash (should be cooked for a while to soften), Carrots, Acorn Squash (should be cooked for a while to soften), Broccoli, Asparagus, Bok Choy, Celery, Kale, Parsley, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Pumpkins, Spring greens, Turnips, Zucchini, Yams and various other vegetables.

Bearded Dragons can also be fed with plant, buds and flowers, but make sure not to feed them with poisonous plants otherwise they will become ill. Owner can feed them with Basil, Clover, Daylilies, coriander, Fennel, Hibiscus, Lemon Grass, Maple, Oregano, Pansies, rosemary, Rose, and Thyme.

Fruits which can be fed to a Bearded Dragon are Banana, Apricot, Peach, Mangoes, Apples, Grapes, figs, Melons, Papayas and many other varieties however only non citrus fruit must be fed as citrus fruit cannot be digested by these Lizards.

Food to avoid:

Bearded Dragon feeding must not include with insects captured in the open, insects which can glow which are fireflies or their larvae; they should not be fed with Spinach or Lettuce. Avocados must also not be fed to the bearded Dragon as they are toxic and are an important part of Bearded Dragon diet.



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