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Can Cats Get Cold?

can cats get cold?

Can Cats Get Cold? During the winter season cats can get cold weather they are indoor or an outside house cats.  A cat sneezing can be related to several different things. She might have sucked dust from the litter tray or might have some kind of allergy,we all get really …

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Mastiff Dog Breed Details and their Temperament


Mastiff Dog Breed Mastiff are pretty big dogs and they can be extremely good dogs if you live alone. They can be good with other animals if they’re trained. Body Size of Mastiff Mastiff are giant dogs with big face, broad and heavy body. The weight measured for average male …

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Maltese Dog Breed Details and their Temperament


Maltese Dog Breed Maltese Dogs are famous for because they are extremely cute and adorable. They are also really good if you keep them as a family dog inside the house. Maltese do require regular grooming because they have long fur. Maltese Body Size Maltese have round face as it …

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Why Cats Don’t Sit in Lap?

lap cats

Why Cats Don’t Sit in Lap? Cats are extremely moody and this is the reason that we cannot force them into making any decision. This is why cats dont sit in lap and we should never force them to sit in our lap. What Is a Lap Cat? Lap cats …

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Avian Flu Disease Symptoms and Precautions for Pet Birds

avian flu

Avian Flu in Pet Birds Flu is something inevitable in humans and animals. Flu is viral so it cannot be stopped. Causes of flu are also viruses of many different kinds. Being a pet bird owner, one is concerned about the types of avian flu that are contagious for human …

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Labrador Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

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Labrador Dog Breed Labrador Retriever is world’s most popular dog breed. These dogs are used in several activities apart from hunting. They are used as guard dogs or in medical assistance, law enforcement and several other social activities. The origin of these dogs is Canada. This dog breed was called …

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Havanese Dog Breed Details and their Temperament


Havanese Dog Breed Havanese dogs are little angels that are perfect pets. They contain all the characteristics that a pet should have. They are happy, active, smart, playful, loving, cute and easy to keep at home. Body size These toy dogs are small in size but they don’t appear as …

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Great Dane Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

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Great Dane Dog Breed Great Dane is just like Mastiff in their appearance but with a much large body size. This is the tallest dog in the world. Despite of their large size, they are extremely loving and friendly dogs. They are also known as Gentle Giants. These dogs belong …

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