Australian Shepherd – The Beautiful Dog Breed

Australian Shepherd The Beautiful Dog Breed

Australian shepherd dog is a famous herding dog. As the name suggests, this dog breed is considered to be of Australian origin, but in reality it is not true. This amazing herding dog is called “Australian” because for a very long time this dog was responsible for herding the Australian imported sheep. This dog breed is very desirable as working dog among shepherds. The ancestry of this breed also goes back to Spain.

Australian Shepherd The Beautiful Dog Breed



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The Physical Beauty

One thing worth mentioning about this dog breed is that it is not just any herding dog with rough and tough looks. This dog is extremely beautiful. The thick and long coat of Australian shepherd is worth admiration.


Australian shepherds are not very heavy or large. These dogs have beautiful athletic body. The weight is around 15 to 30 kg maximum. Females are less in weight and size as compared to males.

Australian Shepherd The Beautiful Dog Breed


Mostly, Aussies are bi-color or tri-color. The blue merle and red merle is very common. White is a very dominant color and white markings on body give a very vibrant look to this dog.

Another interesting thing about Aussie shepherd dog is that their eye colors have huge variety. Odd eye color, bicolor or split eye color is quite common. All shades of brown and blue are found commonly.


The coat of this dog could be quite thick and wavy. This dog belongs to colder regions and could not bear hot and humid weather.

The tail of Australian shepherd dog varies in size. Some of Aussies have bobtails and some have medium length curled tails. The dogs with longer tails get tail docking during puppy-hood.


Australian Shepherd The Beautiful Dog Breed

Australian shepherd have high energy level and this dog is considered an amazing companion. The intelligence allows these dogs to learn things quickly and work by staying side-by-side to their owner. It is best to keep Aussies at some open place like ranches or farms. These dogs would not enjoy their time in closed environments like house or apartment.

Even if someone wants to keep these dogs as pets then it is important to understand about proper energy utilization and exercise. If these dogs are not getting proper attention and love then they would adopt destructive behavior.

The friendly and calm behavior of this dog makes it so ideal and this is why people love this breed.

It is important to learn about the proper housing techniques of Australian shepherds. Grooming is one of essentials of these pet dogs.



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