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Are Cat Fleas Dangerous to Humans?

(Last Updated On: 19/03/2017)

Are Cat Fleas Dangerous to Humans?

Are cat fleas dangerous to humans? We hear this a lot and most pet owners are quite scared of the fleas.
Well flea bites on humans is not that common but sometimes if our pets are infected with fleas then they can get on us and bite but most of the time they bite on our forearms or below the knees, mostly around ankles. These flea bites are mostly spotted as red dots on our skin but some people who have some allergies can get irritated with just a single bite. Some people can even get sick from the virus which is transmitted by the flea during the bite.

Bites from Pet fleas are mostly seen in large groups. The affected area on the skin should not be scratched otherwise the host can get an allergic reaction and skin infection.

are cat fleas dangerous to humans - Are Cat Fleas Dangerous to Humans?

What makes Fleas dangerous?

As we all know that fleas feed on our blood. They can store upto 15 times more blood than their own body weight. Fleas body is covered with hair which is used as their roots. They stick to their host and use their mouthparts for sucking blood. While biting on their host skin for blood, fleas inject their saliva which contains different types of bacteria. Dogs can easily develop allergies due to these bites. Fleas will bite whenever they need blood.

What not to do if fleas have bitten you.

First of all try not to scratch the skin where the flea has bitten. Scratching it will just make it worse.  You can also use creams and lotions which will help you in soothing the itching.

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