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Quick Training Tips of Amazon Parrots Being Kept as Pets

(Last Updated On: 20/04/2017)

Amazon Parrots Basic Training:

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The first and the foremost task is to develop the parrot’s trust in the Amazon Parrots basic training. This will lead to the parrot putting faith in the owner and getting used to his surroundings. Then the Amazon Parrots basic training session starts.



Amazon parrots have naturally developed habits such as biting what they come in contact with. Basic training involves getting rid of bad habits. Since of course parrots cannot be told that their habits are considered bad and should be avoided, physical exercises are to be carried out for Amazon Parrots basic training.


For example to get rid of biting, first observe why and when this behavior occurs and avoid those actions that cause him to bite. If it is a usual habit then each time he bites lightly blow on his face and say ‘no’ firmly, if he repeats then slightly raise the voice. Parrots shouldn’t be allowed to nibble on fingers which basically is understood as it being okay for them to bite, this is important for Amazon Parrots basic training.

Amazon parrots are very social. However, they face rejection from other pets on misbehaving and might get depressed on any such situation. Therefore one needs to provide them training for basic social etiquettes in the Amazon Parrots basic training. These etiquettes include how to interact with other pets, not bite them etc.

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