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How to Tame and Train an Amazon Parrot

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Basic Training of Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are not just caged birds; they are far more than that. Parrot training is the only way to bring out of your beautiful bird all those qualities and talents which are latent. The first and the foremost of tasks are to develop the parrot’s trust in the training procedure. This will lead to the parrot putting faith in the owner and getting used to his surroundings.

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The parrot should always be encouraged during the training time. Immense love and patience of the owner is key to success.

Amazon parrots have naturally developed habits such as biting the stuff placed around them. The biting is necessity for birds to sharpen their beak and also to make their surrounding according to their needs (out in the wild). So if parrot is biting owner’s fingers and other things around then this unwanted behavior could be reduced, if not completely ended, after parrots get trained.

How to stop or reduce the biting behavior? It is important to witness what causes the biting action. Either the parrot tries to attack the nearby object because it is scared or the parrot considers that the item placed around is food. After understanding the cause, the bad habit could be avoided by parrot training. The parrot should never be given opportunity where it nibbles or bites the fingers of owner. The owner could discourage the parrot’s behavior by reacting in an unhappy manner. Never force hands inside the cage until the parrot is well familiar with owner’s hands. Building trust is essential and it will lead to a better trained parrot in lesser time.

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Amazon parrots are social and they should not be caged in solitude. Parrots cage should be placed in room where owners are present most of the time. The communication between owner and parrot would lead to encourage the talking training of the parrots. The parrots are sensitive and they would feel depressed if they do not get attention and proper time.

The parrots sometimes face rejection from other pets. The reason behind this could be the extremely friendly behavior of parrots which could be considered annoying by other pets. It is a funny situation but definitely other pets could reject the nagging parrot. The parrots could become depressed over this rejection. Therefore one needs to provide them training for basic social etiquettes. These etiquettes include how to interact with other pets, not bite them etc.

There are many tricks which could be taught to parrots. For some owners, it is not possible to spend so much time on training. But for others, it could be really interesting and a fun way to spend free time. Parrots love to present themselves in an admirable way. They are beautiful and full of life. One should never let these beautiful birds waste their talents in cages.

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