Amazon Parrots Potential Problems and Their Solutions

Problems Related to Amazon Parrots and Their Solutions:

Amazon parrots like any other bird can get into trouble due to several reasons. The improper environment and negligence on account of owner could also lead to development of negative actions or behaviors. Few problems and their solutions are discussed below:


Parrots might become aggressive during initial days of training. Baby parrots adopt biting after gentle mouthing. Similarly, some parrots attack others for self-defense. Do not over do the training, if the parrot is aggressive leave him alone and try another time, calm him down by offering nuts and show your discomfort by saying “no” firmly. Parrots shouldn’t be shouted at.

Amazon Parrots

Feather Picking: Feather picking is a symptom of depression in parrots. When training is begun of the parrots, they might feel a pressure on their nerves and start picking their feathers. To tackle this problem, make training sessions pleasurable and comfortable for it. To make the training session enjoyable one can include toys in training session.

Scary Sessions: Parrots might get afraid from their first training session for it is a new activity for them. Though this enchanting creature loves adventure, security is among basic needs of all living beings. To tackling this kind of problem, owners should not compel the parrot to perform the tasks given rather parrots should be given a choice. Maintain patience and request the bird to perform the tasks daily and periodically, he will follow soon.

Stressful and depressing training: Sometimes Amazon parrots feel their training sessions to be stressful and depressing as the trainer keeps on giving instructions. Training an Amazon is like training a little child. Amazons will stop adopting and following instructions if they lose interest in training. The parrot must be interacted with constantly. Don’t make training sessions just a ‘learning session’, rather offer treats, enjoy it and appreciate your pet.

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