Amazon Parrots physical description and features, what makes them so unique?

Amazon Parrots Physical Description and Features, What Makes them so Unique?

Normally, the size of Amazon parrots is up to 40 cm which is near to the size of a pigeon and they have short, square tails. They have tiny feet and short legs but these short legs have a far reach to make it easier for them to climb. These parrots have four toes on each foot, like the other parrots, with two pointing forward and 2 backwards.

Amazon parrots


These parrots are predominantly and typically green in color with some accenting secondary colors that can really be appealing. The distinctive secondary colors vary from red, blue or yellow markings per breed; the red-lored Parrot has a yellowish-green tail with red wings and feathers, whereas the blue-fronted parrot has splashes of blue and yellow on its forehead with bright yellow or red wings.


Common Species or Types

There are around 30 types of Amazon Parrots found today but the ones which are most likely to become household pets are the Yellow – Naped Amazon Parrot, Blue – Fronted Amazon Parrot and the Red – Lored Amazin Parrot. These types are very commonly found in captivity and are loved by millions of pets and bird lover worldwide.


Many of these types are imported and exported all around the world because of their increasing demand. These Amazons are highly intelligent and there are many Amazon breeders who like to cross different types to create a new species or new coloring in these birds.

  • Blue-Fronted Amazon (green fronted Amazon):

Amazon Parrots


These Amazons are also known as green fronted Amazon. They are also very large and can reach up to 15 inches in size. They are mostly green in color (thus the name green fronted Amazon) but may have spots of blue and yellow on their forehead and bright yellow or red shades on their wings at where they bend from.

The green fronted Amazon is a species originated from Southern America. The green fronted Amazon has a blue marking on its head which makes the bird even more attractive. The green fronted Amazons are intelligent and can easily learn tricks quickly and are less nervous compared to others.

  • Red-Lored Amazon:

Amazon parrotsSource

They are one of the smallest species of the Amazon parrot and range up to 12 to 14 inches. They are mostly green and have yellowish green tail with splashed of red on their feathers. These species was named the Red-lored because of the red spots between their beaks and eyes.

  • Yellow – Naped Amazon:

Amazon parrots


The yellow naped Amazon parrots are the species which are largest in number. They reach up to 15 inches in size. They are commonly green in color with some red wings and outer feathers.  They also have a yellow mark on the back of their necks and are the only one Amazon species to have this type of distinguishable feature.


There are around 372 species of parrots and they are most commonly found in to exist in Sub-Tropical and Tropical regions while many are also found in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia and South America contain the higher diversity of parrot species.

Amazon parrots are psittacines parrots, a bird of family that has been in existent for over 35 million years. They are one of the most loving and loyal natured breed of parrots; their nature is what makes them distinctive. They are highly affectionate and social expecting their owner to be highly attentive and compassionate in return. These birds want response, attention and are best happy when they are kept busy at all times. They are one of the most kept pets and serve as amazing companions. If owners do not interact much their socialization level also falls down creating strange behavior problems due to aggression.

The name ‘Amazon Parrot’ refers to the parrots of Amazon, they are those that reside in the highest regions of the rainforest where plenty of sunlight is available. They are commonly found in South America to Mexico and the Caribbean where the climate is mostly warm. These birds generally eat nuts, fruits, and seeds that are easily found in the Amazon.


Most parrots possess a natural ability to do mimicry of human sounds and speech due to this special quality they are known to be companion parrots. These birds are also known to have quite dexterity with their feet; some may even dance!

Their behavior is considered to be cheerful and playful but they are quick to identify lack of attention causing them to feel disappointed and troubled. These intelligent parrots are not for owners who have not had any experience of keeping birds before; they are extremely sharp birds and require special care.

Life span

The life span of Amazons stretches from 40 years to 60 years; this is almost 40 years more than the other smaller bird species such as love birds or hanging parrots, but almost 20 years less than the larger parrot species.

These parrots are strong and they know how to survive in the wild. Once they are brought home and kept as pets, the owner needs to make sure that these parrots are given extreme care and attention so that they can grow, learn and live a blissful life. Parrots that are kept as pets have higher chances of living longer because of the safe and hygienic environment at home. All they require is superior care and perfect living conditions which can be brought about by quality food and mimicking forests by keeping tree branches inside the cage and by hanging nest-boxes high up.

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