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Grooming and Bathing Your Amazon Parrot

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Grooming An Amazon Parrot


The eye-catching beauty of Amazon parrots needs to be handled affectionately or it will gradually lose its exquisiteness. The decent and cooperative nature of these birds enables their grooming process to be extremely easy and safe. However, a new owner needs to know the importance of keeping the parrot well-groomed in the right way.

This bright creature is extremely hygienic and instantly recognizes dirt. Cleanliness can be noticed in many animals in different forms; such as dogs clean their sitting area, cats never excrete in an unclean area etc. These parrots want their surroundings clean along with themselves.

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Beak Trimming

Beak is amongst the most delicate parts of the bird and it shows signs of the bird’s health. In the wild beaks remain trimmed due to constant rubbing against trees or hard food but it is possible for them to over grow in pet birds causing chewing problems. If the beak starts to over grow then it is necessary to consult a veteran as soon as possible or trim the beak at home, carefully. It will be quite easy to handle your Amazon Parrot if its trained.

  • Mineral or lava blocks can be used to keep the parrot’s beak in shape, overdoing it can cause bleeding and injury.
  • Wrap the parrot in a cloth and brace his head while trimming so that he feels safe and is unable to move.
  • Spinning tools are preferred over filers for trimming since they will not hurt the bird.
  • Sharp edges must always be checked for after trimming.


Wing Clipping

Most of the bird owners trim their bird’s lower feathers to prevent them from flying far off; this process is known as clipping wings. This procedure is considered essential of pet birds grooming.

Not trimming wings may be dangerous since house birds will be unavailable to compete and cope in the outside world in case they fly away. It is a painless procedure but it is possible for the bird to get depressed due to the inability to fly high though it can be prevented by showing immense love by owners.


If owners do not prefer to clip wings then building a large enough cage outdoors where the birds can fly freely will be beneficial.


Amazon parrots shed their feathers during molting seasons. It is a time for special care. Molting occurs once or twice in a year and it is sometimes discomforting or painful for birds. Following tips can help in caring him while molting.


  • Mist the bird with warm water to soften the new growing feathers.
  • Check the body daily for patches or spots.
  • Take the bird to veteran if any broken or unusual feathers are noticed


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