Wondering what’s your Amazon Parrots gender? Here’s your solution

Amazon Parrots Gender Identification

One of the “not so easy” things to find out about Amazon Parrots is their gender identification. This is not something one can tell about by barely seeing the bird, there needs to be some special test in order to find out if the Amazon Parrot is a male or a female. Many Psittacine species are monomorphic and show little dimorphic traits. These parrots are not any different. For successful sex determination, a number of gender determination techniques have been introduced like karyotyping, DNA probes, surgical sexing techniques using endoscopy etc. The most common practice for gender determination among these parrots is the surgical sexing or endoscopic examination.

Amazon Parrots Gender Identification

DNA Sexing Test

Using this technique for gender determination, DNA in the sex chromosomes of male and female birds is distinguished. This method is perfectly accurate as it examines both sex chromosomes. This method includes a term “DNA Probe” which is actually labeled DNA fragment which is in the cloned form from the sex chromosome samples obtained from the bird by either drawing a little blood (2-3 drops), that can be done by slightly clipping the toe nail beyond the vein, or by plucking a few feathers from the chest area, which is not a painful. This is highly reliable and safe thus it is recommended for gender identification.

Chromosomal Analysis

Male parrots have two Z chromosomes while female parrots have one W and one Z chromosome. W and Z chromosomes vary in size and shape and they can be identified through microscopic observations. For this test to be conducted, a sample of blood feather is collected and submitted to the laboratory. The procedure takes almost 7-9 days.

Surgical Sexing

This technique can be really helpful as this might save time, is safer and quite reliable than other techniques, provided the veterinarian is experienced enough. The main advantage while applying this technique is, the gonads and other organs are clearly visualized. The bird is given a tattoo in order to be free of any later confusion that might arise in future. Due to the fact that this technique requires some anesthesia to be given to the Amazon parrot, and requires a bit of surgical work, the technique is not yet available all over easily and also is not advised. It is only good for large birds can be quiet risky. Only specialized avian vets should be allowed to perform this technique on Amazon Parrots.

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