Amazon Parrots Breed

Amazon parrots and their care while keeping them as pets, their food requirements and housing tips, health tips, safety and breeding information.

Breeding Amazon Parrots – A Quick and Simple Guide for Beginners

Breeding in Amazon Parrots Amazon parrots are of many varieties: Blue-fronted Amazons, yellow fronted, orange winged, green cheeked and lilac crowned Amazons. It is always recommended that the breeding must be done among the same species. Many owners try to cross breed but this has only slightly proven to be positive, usually parrots of different […]

Amazon Parrots Potential Problems and Their Solutions

Amazon Parrot

Problems Related to Amazon Parrots and Their Solutions: Amazon parrots like any other bird can get into trouble due to several reasons. The improper environment and negligence on account of owner could also lead to development of negative actions or behaviors. Few problems and their solutions are discussed below: Aggression: Parrots might become aggressive during […]

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