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Understanding your Amazon Parrot behavior

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Understanding your Amazon Parrot behavior

No matter what the specie is, all Amazon parrots have somewhat similar behavior. Bird owners have always noticed that these birds are full of life and energy. These birds are not like many other bird species; they are friendly towards humans and can easily be held in the hands. The behavior of Amazon has at times been talked about negatively and like every other parrot they may act strange when they encounter humans suddenly, but once they are kept at home they get along with humans in the best possible manner without any hassles.

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They are intelligent birds. They behave in a calm and smooth manner whether caged or when out in the open; they are always seen to be chirping and chattering away consistently. They are full of joy and they start displaying their delight from an early age. They are also great entertainers. They love attention and crave to be the focal point especially if other pets are present at home. They want time, to be played with and to be beside their owners at all times. These behaviors are a sign of how well Amazons can get along with humans, they may be different but they are extremely easy to deal with and keep contented.

Amazon Parrots as Entertainers

These parrots behave their best when they are out in the open. They are more like entertainers for their owners. They love to experiment with their bodies and try different acrobatic moves which may mimic dance moves. This quality enables their owner to Train and groom them smoothly to get desired result.  Small toys are their favorite to play with, and owners do not have worry about them getting nibbled. Regular interaction and great care and time will ensure your parrots happiness and increase his friendliness. On the other hand if they are neglected or abused they may be forced to bite and attack displaying their dissatisfaction.

The owner of these birds needs no effort while giving them training to talk because they love to talk. Blue and yellow fronted species are more likely to talk and are more likely to learn words quickly than many other species of Amazon parrots. Other can also speak and copy things, but these two species are the best talkers. Their behavior is extremely rewarding when one teaches words or songs. They are quick learners and easily obey their owners following the training given to them.

When the opposite gender is introduced

Gender identification of Amazon parrots is not an easy thing. But in order to examine it without going through any special Test, the owner sometimes, owners will see a change in their behavior and that would be due to the addition of the opposite gender. This is a normal consequence of introducing another pet in the house or in the same cage. Even if the new pet is in another cage, the previous pet may still behave strangely and impatiently. To put an end to this you must always keep the new pet in another cage for few days in front of the old pet so that they can get use to each other and not behave wildly at all and then introduce them to each other.

Mood Swings in Amazon Parrots

If proper time is not given or training is not well then it is possible for these birds to get moody. They want to be held and spoken to; owners can pat them, kiss them, and hold them providing all the attention they need. Their mental capability needs to be stimulated to teach them learn how to act and interact.

Completely ignoring these parrots is likely to contribute to their destructive behavior. They would not behave themselves and may resort to unhealthy activities such as feather picking, not eating properly, staying quiet or making too much noise.

Their behavior is all dependent upon the love that is shown to them and upon the attitude you have towards them. If any change in seen in their behavior such as suddenly acting loud and screaming for hours or not speaking at all, even with daily interaction and immense love then there is something wrong and owners must consider other factors leading to this behavior. Other factors may include: Change of cage, lack of sunlight, less nutritional food or change in climate, these all contribute to the way these birds behave.


They are also known to be very loud parrots. Noise must be expected when the parrot is first bought, however it decreases as the bond between the owner and the bird grows. Loud noise is often also used as a sign for needing attention but in some circumstances they start getting noisy in extreme excitement. Amazon Parrots are definitely for people who do not have a lot of problem with noise.


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