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Amazon Parrots – Behavior

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Amazon Parrots Behavior

No matter what the specie is, all Amazon parrots have somewhat similar behavior. Bird owners have always noticed that Amazon parrots are full of life and energy. These birds are not like many other bird species; they are friendly towards humans and can easily be held in the hands. The behavior of parrot Amazon has at times been talked about negatively and like every other parrot they may act strange when they encounter humans suddenly, but once they are kept at home they get along with humans in the best possible manner without any hassles.

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Parrot Amazons are intelligent birds. They behave in a calm and smooth manner whether caged or when out in the open; they are always seen to be chirping and chattering away consistently. Parrot Amazons are full of joy and they start displaying their delight from an early age. They are also great entertainers.


Amazon parrots love attention and crave to be the focal point especially if other pets are present at home. They want time, to be played with and to be beside their owners at all times. These behaviors are a sign of how well Amazon Parrots can get along with humans, they may be different but they are extremely easy to deal with and keep contented.


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