All you Need to Know about Alaskan Shepherd Dog Breed

Alaskan Shepherd Breed Information

Alaskan Shepherds are wolf-like dogs and these dogs are specifically designed breed. The cross between precious dog breeds, German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. Both breeds are thick coated, athletic looking and highly intelligent. So it should be well understood that the result of these breeds would also be amazing and highly talented.alaskan shepherd

These Shepherds are kept as pets because of their wonderful abilities to become nice pets. They are friendly, family-oriented, protective and smart. Here we are discussing major physical and behavioral features of this cross dog breed.

alaskan shepherd

Body Size of Alaskan Shepherd

These Shepherds are average in size but they could be big like their real ancestors. The weight could be above 100 pounds when they reach maturity and could be really heavy if not given proper physical exercise.

alaskan shepherd

Body Features

The looks of this breed is quite close to its gene contributors, but overall personality is bit smoother and not fierce. They look innocent and much friendly. The wolf-like body features and several colors also make them look beautiful.

This breed has several colors consisting different shades of gray, brown and black. There are no certain patterns and coat is thick and coarse. The coat helps to sustain in cold weather. This breed cannot sustain heat and hot weather. Therefore, need to be kept at cool temperature and under shades.

The athletic body and charming eyes make this breed so special and ideal.

alaskan shepherd

Behavioral Features

Almost all wolf-like breeds are independent in nature. They have to be focused on certain tasks because these are working dog breeds and cannot live happily if they are not contributing into some important tasks. The best thing is that these smart dogs could be trained for different activities but sometimes they act independently and do not want to listen. This is due to their head strong nature.

Alaskan shepherds are extremely family oriented and they are good pets. They are protectors of family and they stay cautious always. They love children and other pets but they could be dominating. Cats and other small dogs could be happy around them. Big dogs could be troublesome but if there is proper training and bonding between the dogs then it could also be managed. These dogs do not bark unnecessarily but howl or growl. They also keep eyes on suspicious looking people and give warnings before attacking or jumping. But apart from that, they do not have fear of humans at all. They want to stay with humans and socialize. There is no shy behavior evident in these dogs.

These Shepherds are for those people who could walk, jog and play a lot. This dog could be a mess if there are no activities and could be destructive.

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