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The Precious Cross Breed – Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix

(Last Updated On: 05/12/2017)

The Precious Cross Breed – Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix

People want to have dogs because they know it really well that all dogs turn out to be companions. Amongst hundreds of dog breeds today, it is quite hard yet easy to determine what dog breed you want to have to keep as a pet, as a work companion or as a guard or watchdog. Why is it hard to choose? Because those who want to have dog just for the sake of having dog, they simply have it from a shelter or dog rescue center, even from some breeder. But those who know what they want their dog to be like, for example, the personality, behavior, physique and other qualities, they are capable of distinguishing between several dog breeds. This makes the choice easier when you know what qualities you want to have in your dog and what are the circumstances in which you are keeping a dog.

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Alaskan Shepherd is one of those dog breeds which were specifically designed to enhance the amazing qualities of two extremely strong dog breeds: Alaskan Malamutes German Shepherd Alaskan shepherd 200x300 - The Precious Cross Breed - Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mixmix. These dogs are known for being work dogs and a temperament which includes features like headstrong, workaholic, team members, guardians and companions. Both breeds could be headstrong and quite hard to handle if not trained properly. But once they know their tasks, they do not stop from doing the right thing and this is when they work like a good team member. In short, it is due to these superior qualities that their cross breed is loved by all. Although some complain for their arrogance, but this is not arrogance in reality, it is their style.

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Major Personality Traits of This Cross Breed

Let us now highlight major personality traits (positive and negative both) of Al Shep:

  • High level of intelligence is the biggest charming factor of this breed. People who know or have kept this dog, they know how important it is to utilize its intelligence to do some constructive work. If not given right opportunities, Al Shep could be really destructive.
  • Work dogs need work to do. These buddies could not sit on the couch inside a small apartment and feel like prince or princess. They are rough buddies. They want to go out and get dirty and feel the strain in their muscle. It is not a suitable way to keep this dog locked indoors as a lovely pet. It would bore them to death. But this is not it, they would make sure to teach a lesson to their bad owners for keeping them in such a miserable way.
  • Alaskan Shepherds do not hate kids; they could be great with families and even with other pets. But they must know their position and they should have a proper chance to display their personality. If they are going to be treated like toys, it is going to make them crazy.
  • This dog needs proper leadership so the owner must play “Alpha”.
  • Al Shep could shed because their coats are longer and coarse. So if you are one of those who have to keep the couches and rugs clean all the time, Al Shep is not for you.
  • Al Shep is a companion. Do not consider him/her less than that. They are in your life to participate in everything you are doing. An Alaskan shepherd is likely to follow you everywhere and would never prefer to sit back and enjoy a nap.

Work dogs or Good Pets?

Those who love Al Shep, due to their beauty and personality trait, and want to keep them as pets must understand that the only way AlShep could be kept happy is if they are given proper outlet to consume their energy. Being a herding dog, there should be something around Alaskan shepherds which could be controlled by them.

Alaskan Shepherds are for people who know what it takes to keep dogs as pets. There should be kick start morning and a tough, challenging day with activities to perform. There is no science behind keeping this dog happy. Those who have a challenging nature themselves and those who simply could not stay in bed for a long time, they could relate with Alaskan Shepherd’s nature really well. Such people could create a strong bond with this dog.

German Shepherd are always beautiful and Alaskan Malamute is no less than a charmer too. Alaskan malamute German shepherd mix breed has ability to win hearts.

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