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Akita The Beautiful Dog Breed from Japan

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Akita is a large size dog. It has all those qualities for which dogs are considered best pets for humans. It is a family dog, very loyal and caring. It protects the family and that is why it is a famous watch dog too. Their loyalty marks it special among other dog breeds.

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Life span of Akita

They could live up to 10 years on average.

Body Size

This dog has large body. It falls under category of “Spitz” dogs which are large with big, thick coat and pointed mouth (like bears) and ears. They also have curled furry tails. American one is larger in size than Japanese. Maximum height of a male American is 28 inches while Japanese male is an inch less than that. And maximum height of female American is 26 inches while female Japanese is around 25 inches. It is a heavy dog with a huge bone structure and this adds to their body weight too. They have a well shaped but plump body which looks very attractive and athletic. Average weight of male is around 60 KGs and females are around 50 KGs. But Japanese are smaller as well as lighter in weight.


This is a dog breed with thick double coat. Being dog’s breed that origins from cold areas, they have coat that keeps them warm in winters. They shed a lot and they should be groomed regularly if they are kept as house pets.

Born with the presence of autosomal recessive gene have even longer coat which is not considered as a standard but this version is rare and adds to the beauty of these pets.


American ones come in almost all colors.

Pure Japanese version comes with the color pattern where all the lower portions of body are white i.e. neck, chest, belly, front legs and lower side of back legs and tail.

Akita also comes in pure white color, any other solid colors and two-shaded color patterns (different color of under-coat and longer hair).


Being a Japanese breed, it has eyes just like Japanese people. Eyes are small and shining dark colored with a triangular shape which gives them a stretched look.


The ears are small and pointed in triangular shape. They are well distant over the forehead just above the eyes.

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Akita Temperament

Akita is a favorable pet dog breed. It has characteristics of becoming a well-trained pet but only if the proper training is given to them at early ages. It is a dog with huge build and they are very active, brave and powerful dogs. That is why they consider themselves smart and do not pay attention to the training at older ages.

It is a good watch dog as it has protective nature and it doesn’t get friendly with strangers quickly.

It has its own ways to communicate with human friends. They bark but apart from that they growl and rumble which seems like they are talking.

It is a hunter and once kept at home, it should be inside safe fence or boundary or else it could run after any animal or something that appeals like a prey.

These dogs eat a lot and while eating they should be easy and calm. They should be fed in a separate room away from kid’s interference.

This dog is aggressive and protective in nature so they should be kept as only pets. Mostly they involve into fights with other dogs which should be taken care of by keeping them tied and held in presence of other animals.

Akita is large dog so teach them to walk in leash in early stages otherwise they will keep pulling you after them which is a huge turn off of keeping a dog.

Individual dogs come with different behaviors, so if it is kept in a happy and comfortable environment with proper training then it will only display its good side to human fellows.


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