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Airedale Terrier Temperament and Other Breed Guide

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier is King of all other Terriers and it has all those characteristics that any other Terrier comprises of. These terriers are large size dogs and probably that’s why they are considered kings of Terriers.

Life span of Airedale Terrier

These are a large size dogs and the average age for dogs of this size is 10 to 11 years.

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Body size

Although they are large dogs, but they are not as heavy as other large dogs are.

Maximum weight for male is 30 KGs and female are around 25 KGs. The height of males is also an inch more than females. Average height is 22-24 inches.


The beauty is added by its thick yet soft coat. Inner coat is short and regular whereas the outer coat is long and hairs appear to be fallen over the body. The hair texture is wavy and grooming is somehow difficult if hairs are grown very long. The best way is to trim long hair occasionally so that they don’t form tangles. Hand stripping is the best way to remove loose hair. Special stripping tools are available on dog stores.

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Body shape

They have broad faces. Face is covered with thick coat of hair or sometimes just area around the mouth is hairy. This feature gives a very unique look. Legs of Airedale are long and wide. Tail is usually fluffy and long but tail docking is highly adopted by those Airedale owners who are interested in presenting them in dog shows. Although tail docking is not advised for dogs, but if it is necessary for some reasons, it should be done with a lot of care.


Airedale Terrier has two colored body. Tan color all over the body except the black saddle area. Similarly, instead of tan color, gray and white grizzly color is found with black saddle area.


Their eyes are round and seem like big shiny buttons. Widely open eyes give Airedale a very innocent look but it also proves that dog is alert and active. Eye color is dark mostly.


Airedale are such innocent looking dogs and they do not appear to be a Terrier dog at all. They have small but droopy ears. Ears are rounded from the ends.

Temperament of Airedale Terrier

Being a Terrier, Airedale are born hunters. But still their love for humans is immense. They are good family dogs. They are active and intelligent. Airedale  have been kept as police dogs and they tend to be good watch dogs too.

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Training the Airedale is necessary because they are born with natural instincts that lead them to hunt down almost everything that appeals them. They could be destructive indoors if they are not well trained. Best deal is to keep them busy and take for daily exercise.

Airedale could be very aggressive at times, but they are as much lovely and affectionate for their family as any other family dog can.

Airedales are very brave and active. They are ready to fight fearlessly and always stand by their owner’s side. They participate in all activities. They love digging and shredding stuff.

Airedales also have herding instincts, and most of the time they do not go along any other pets or kids at home. It is better to train them at small age to accompany the kids and other pets at home.

The best and most interesting thing about Airedale is their fun side. They love to experiment and their activities are hilarious. They are a constant source of entertainment for the owners. If they are provided suitable environment, then an Airedale Terrier is never going to show any kind of behavioral problems.

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