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Aging Cats

Aging cats and their care in old age, the required nutrition for their weakening bodies and housing needs to provide them comfort and peace

How Long Do Cats Live?

how long do cats live

How Long Do Cats Live?   How long do cats live? This is a pretty good question because all of us love our pet cat and we always fear that one day we will lose them. The life expectancy differs, outdoor cats can live upto 7 years whereas domesticated indoor …

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How Long Can Cats Live?

How long can cats live

How Long Can Cats Live? This is a very interesting question. How long cat cats live? Most of us have asked this question a number of times from our vets and other cat experts. Cats can normally live up to 14 to 18 years but it all depends on their …

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Aging Cats Behavior

aging cat behavior 2 - Aging Cats Behavior

Understanding the behavior of old and aging cats Cat behavior changes after a certain time period. Some people complain about the weird cat behavior in aging cats. The old cat behavior changes due to some very obvious reasons. These senior cats are often terminally ill and this illness changes their …

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Feline Greenies Dental Treats

feline greenies treat - Feline Greenies Dental Treats

Feline Greenies Dental Treats Product Introduction Oral health care is important for all. When it comes to cats, not all of them are “okay” with having their teeth cleansed with a toothbrush and paste. Now definitely cats have very tiny teeth and only their canines are most prominent ones that …

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Old and Aging Cats Care

images - Old and Aging Cats Care

Old and Aging Cats Care Cat’s old age could be tough just like old humans. A senior cat has special needs as compared to young cat and there could be several reasons that make life of old cats miserable. People must look for signs of old age in their cats …

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