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African Grey Parrot – Housing & Cage

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

All living things require care and although African Grey’s are extremely lovable and tolerant taking care of them is no simple activity. These are large parrots and very strong. An African grey parrot is much stronger than any other kinds of specie in parrots. They have a strong beak which can break any small wood shark.

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A birdcage should be large enough for the parrot to feel free and secure. African grey parrot love to roam around the cage therefore the cage should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. This way they will never get bored in the cage and may even fly a bit or jump from perch to perch. If money or space is not an issue then the largest possible cage should be bought for utmost comfort and happiness of the bird.

Bars: To provide the best for your parrot a birdcage with horizontal bars should be used which are spaced not very wide apart. Due to the horizontal direction the parrot will be easily able to climb them and if they are narrow then the parrot would be able to get stuck and would be secure.

Shape: Round cages limit space and are not advised thus square or rectangular cages are the best option.

Material: Cages are available in many materials bus the most long lasting, healthy and secure cages are those of stainless steel. Parrots like to chew thus others can be dangerous while these will last long and the bird will not be able to chew and swallow harmful pieces from it.

It is essential to decorate the cage with items depicting nature for it to live in a glimpse of its habitat. A strong wood shark can be used for the bird to sit on while branches can be used to create perches (steel perches will also do).

Swings and rings can be installed into the cage for further excitement while other toys can also be a part of your pet’s home such as a ball with a bell inside.

Just as important as cleanliness, likewise the neatness of the birdcage is also very essential. Make it a task of cleaning the cage and ensuring its neatness at least once every day. Paper should be lined at the bottom which must be replaced daily and thorough cleaning should take place weekly after emptying all contents for utmost hygiene.

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