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How to breed African Grey Parrots

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How to breed African Grey Parrots

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African Grey parrots are often found having huge social circles. They not only have an interesting diet but also have a slightly different way of breeding. There are no hard and fast rules as to how one is expected to breed these birds since every individual has their own way of dealing with them. However, in order to ensure that one is on the right track, it is better to have some information.

First and foremost, one needs to know the difference between their hen and cock birds. A case has been reported by an animal shop owner who stated that a rather angry customer came back to the shop with his pair of birds complaining that there has been no breeding progress, despite the fact that he had taken good care of their diet. When the shop owner checked the birds, it was revealed that both birds were actually male. To avoid an issue like this, it is essential that the distinction between the male and female birds is clear to the pet owner. People in the bird business will often give customers a pair of birds who are familiar with the breeding process. They are often known as adult birds. The good thing about adult birds is the fact that they are familiar with each other. On the other hand if a person tries without proper knowledge and training, the breeding process can take up to years in African Gray Parrots. This being said leads one to the housing process.

Breeding Cage (Housing)

Even before the birds are purchased it must be decided “where they will be kept?”. Many people do not consider this as a first and foremost priority and often forget it while purchasing the birds. When a person considers buying birds, it is very important to know about the kind of home that the birds will need and the amount of space the birds will occupy. Again, everybody has their own way of taking care of them; some will consider a huge place so that there is plenty of room for them to fly and lay eggs while some may not be able to afford a lavish cage, generally African Grey parrots require a theme natural to their real habitat.

A cage made of metal rods over wood is recommended. Wood won’t be reliable since the birds can tear at it with their sharp beaks while metal rods are less prone to breaking. It is good to take a long wood shark and place it in the center of the cage as a place to sit or swing from, add at least two or three for their ease.

Some framers build six foot long houses for them. The structure of a house depends upon the space that birds require. The cage can be built six feet high and four feet long or any other dimension that is best suited for the birds. Things which are generally needed inside the cage include a water bowl and a food platter. Proper cleaning of the bird’s home is also very essential. Parrots can easily create a mess so their cage will need to be cleaned at least once a day. If there are more than two birds, there will be more mess and more food will also be required. Therefore adjust the food and water in the cage accordingly and clean the cage as soon as it gets dirty.

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African Grey Breeding Season And Diet

There is no special month stated for the breeding season of an African Gray parrot but there are certain things which need to be kept in mind. Food is an important factor which defines a birds breeding season, therefore food needs to be fresh on a daily basis. A combination of food items need to be given daily. These need to include a Premium Parrot Ideal and Banquet which are mixed seeds. Fruits and vegetables can be sprinkled with special vitamin and mineral powder and be given daily. Egg food and berries are excellent components for a hen bird’s diet. Birds which are fed with a high nutritional diet will normally give huge clutches of babies.

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November, December, January and February are wet months; these are also difficult times for hen parrots to give birth but if they are on this process then fruits and seeds need to be given daily. Egg food and Parrot Palm Extract will help them recover from breeding and will allow them to pass through the months smoothly.

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When a hen bird has laid eggs she normally sits on them for about three weeks. Do not attempt to move the hen bird from her eggs because this will make the eggs weak. It takes at least 7 weeks for the egg to hatch.

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Hand Rearing

Brooder is important equipment for the birds. A good quality second hand one can also be found. A brooder is a device that is used to keep steady temperatures for longer periods of time. This device ensures that the chicks are in good hands. The temperature is dependent on many things such as the African Grey chick’s age and the placement of the nest box. The nest box should be warm enough for the chicks. The temperature should be around 29 F to 85 F degrees but it is better to do a bit of research to find the ideal tune that will suit the chicks best.

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