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Behavior Problems in African Grey Parrots

(Last Updated On: 28/03/2017)

Behavior Problems in African Grey Parrots

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The African Grey Parrot are considered as the talking parrot because of their ability to speak very fluently in different voices and sounds. These parrots are highly intelligent and can easily pick whatever is spoken by their owners or the voices around them. They can speak in the exact voice of the owner, they may even make the exact voice like the sound of your doorbell which can actually made one confused whether it was the doorbell or the bird talking. The behavior of the African Grey Parrot should be observed very closely. 


Usually when African parrots encounter a new situation they will bite whoever and whatever comes in front of them. Their beak is the only weapon they have and they use it smartly. If someone tries to hold the parrot, he may shout because parrots do not like to be touched at first. One should not get frustrated by this action but first gain trust and then try to touch the parrot. One needs to make sure that the bird has a friendly and patient atmosphere to deal with. Parrots are sensitive birds and should not be disturbed. They won’t cry like a human but they will sit quietly at the corner of the cage

Feather Picking

When one buys a pet, the first few days are enjoyed but then life gets busy and people are not able to give the pet their due attention, which is regretted later. The first few days are often spent giving the pet a lot of attention, owners enjoy feeding them, teaching tricks, waiting for something new to happen but later get bored and start neglecting the pet.

The behavior that owners display towards their parrot can really affect them. Sometimes parrots do what is referred to as “feather picking”. This is not how they are usually expected to behave but people notice this kind of behavior when the parrots are bored or when something is wrong. When one notices some kind of strange behavior the best thing to do is to take it to a veteran who will effectively be able to guide according to the cause of the behavior.

Usually when parrots are feeling neglected they start picking at their feathers in return. When these parrots are not given attention and time, they are naturally upset and start becoming quiet. Strange behavior occurs when the parrot is not receiving its due physiological and physical needs and the signs show that the birds are demanding more time from the owner. If a person is able to understand the reason behind the strange behavior of the parrot, then he should try and change his attitude towards his pet. When time is given, behavior starts to change for the better.


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African Grey Parrots have the intelligence of a 5 year old child. They are able to understand shapes, colours, similarities and differences and other simple logical concepts. They know exactly how to get attention; they are highly entertaining and intelligent birds. In order to get attention, they can speak in many voices and mimic various sounds such as doorbells, telephone or microwave beep etc. These parrots can have a vocabulary of up to 1500 words and have a unique ability to put words in their right context.

Other then talking ability these birds are intelligent enough to perform and remember high skilled tricks and tasks; it is simple to train them. This parrot is highly observant and pays attention to its surroundings then tries to mimic them.


Like humans, this talking parrot can have phobias too. Another area of concern regards phobic behavior which shows that birds can fear some things. This is normal, however if one feels that the parrot is frightened, something should be done to comfort it starting with completely removing the object causing discomfort. Things that frighten parrot can include cats, lizards and other animals or a certain family member may appear frightening due to their behavior.

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