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The Right Guideline for African Grey Parrot Care and Nutrition.

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

African Grey Parrot Care

African Grey Parrots are the most loved and enjoyed species on this Earth. They can have a 50 to 70 years life span. This may sound pretty shocking but it is actually true. However, getting them to live that long is not a very easy task and requires some special parrot care.

First 16 weeks are most important

When a parrot is around 16 weeks old, it moves itself slowly and this is when there is the great need to take care of it. It is important to feed the parrot with liquid diets so that its stomach can start digesting things. At an early stage, its beak is not strong enough that it can break food into pieces. Start to talk to it so that it can copy. It is better to keep the baby parrot with its real parents for it to develop more quickly and confidently.

As it starts growing, plan a nutritious diet for it. This should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. The portion of vegetables should be more than the fruits because too much sweetness will affect the parrot’s immune system. Providing the parrot with fresh food on a daily basis will enable it to grow faster. When done with the food, start talking to it. This will make them friendlier in behavior. Free them from the cage so that they have plenty of room to roam around. This will give them an idea of how they are supposed to fly.

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After a certain period of time when one feels that the needed requirements are being fulfilled, start working to utilize their intelligence. Try sharing videos of training with them so that they can learn about themselves. The time that is spent with them will be beneficial for their healthy and developing life. It can take years to get the parrot to live a long and healthy life. All the hard work requires patience. Years of hard work will truly pay off although it does require a lot of understanding.

Sensitive bird and needs lot of care

A Grey Parrot’s lifespan demands lots of things. Many animal owners and researchers state that it is not an easy job to keep parrots happy because these birds are very sensitive. They can understand and pick up a lot of things from the environment.

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Whenever one experiences an unusual activity of the Grey Parrot, immediately take it to a vet. Do not attempt to cure it yourself. These birds want new things around them as they get bored with things too easily. Try giving the parrots new toys and things to play around with but make sure they are not sharp. Sing in front of them, they will also attempt to imitate the sounds. This will be a fun in itself for the owner too. Grey Parrots are very interesting birds to own. If looked after well then they can provide up to hours of enjoyment. Their ability to sense and adapt to human behavior allows owners to have fun with their parrots. If owners of African Grey parrot care for them and train the parrots well then they will not get bored. Also remember that the parrots will not hurt people provided that they are not treated harshly.

A Life span depends on various factors

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A Grey Parrots life span asks for real hard work which can give them a long life of at least 50 years. They may get old but they can be as active as the owner wants provided that the owner knows everything about their nature, behavior, physical and psychological changes. If an owner fails to understand them, these birds die easily.

The Use of Technology to increase Life span

These days the technology has made everything easy as lots of information is available regarding different pets and their proper care. Many people around the world have shared so many stories about their experiences with the birds and the exciting things that the birds can do. Not only books but DVDs, YouTube videos have made life so easy that it is possible for anyone to take care of them.

If one still has difficulties then always go for instructions from those who run an animal shop or vets. Do take their advice seriously as it can affect the life of the parrot.

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Social life is very important

Working hard with Grey parrots will pay off well as long as the parrots are given the correct treatment that they need. Follow guidelines on how to look after them and watch how the parrots learn. Try to give them a social life and make the parrots meet new people. Taking them along to new places will also provide helpful. Always remember that pets are not toys. They are living things and need to be given a lot of care and love. If an owner gets bored then he or she should give the parrot to somebody else. Never neglect these parrots since it can affect their health and tendency to learn. When buying a new Grey parrot promise yourself that it will be well looked after.

‘Love’ the best medicine

Love these creatures as this is the only thing they ask for. The more you love them the more life span you will get. Enjoy every bit of it because they are not humans who will hurt you on and off. These parrots are great company if one has been feeling a little lonely. Treat the parrots nicely and you will find a difference in their behavior. Do not be irresponsible as this is what can hurt them and can affect their health. They ask for care, give it!

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