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Adult and Baby Chameleons Behavior

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

chamelion behavior - Adult and Baby Chameleons BehaviorBehavior

Naturally, both the adult and the baby chameleons have a calm nature which makes them an excellent household pet and save to be handled by humans and children. There is not even a single report of a chameleon biting or attacking humans.

Chameleons usually show aggression towards other male chameleons who are introduced in their territory, they may break in a fight so it is important to keep the males separated. If you are an owner of a male chameleon and wants to introduce a female in the enclosure, keep an eye in the enclosure to ensure there is no fight.

If you are putting your hand in the enclosure to hold the chameleon and the chameleon is moving away, it means that the lizard doesn’t want to be held and it is better to leave them alone otherwise handling them with force can be stressful. Chameleons tend to change colors if they are angry, if their color gets dark when you are holding them, it means they do not want to be held and are demanding to be released immediately. Forcing the chameleon to live with each other will just effect the health of the beautiful creature and nothing else. Sometimes the fight which have been broken out might be so fierce which may cause some fatal injuries leading to death and a sad loss for the owner.

During the mating season, a male Chameleon may show attraction to the female by bobbing their head, moving around the female and inflating their throats and showing bright colors. The female may either reject the mating offer or might accept it; in case of accepting the offer she will bow her head and will stay calm. In case of rejection she will just walk away, or hiss at the male with an open mouth or ay even attack him by biting him, these bites and fights can be fatal so it is better to separate them. The baby chameleons may not have much problem living with other chameleon in the same captivity as compared to the adults because they are not matured yet.


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