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Accessories for Bearded Dragon Lizard Housing

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Accessories for Bearded Dragon Lizard Housing

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To provide your Bearded Dragon a proper habitat in captivity, certain accessories for Bearded Dragon lizard housing which are needed to maintain its body temperature and temperature around the enclosure and many other things.

Lighting: Bearded Dragon likes having bright light; in the wild you may notice they are active and very happy during the day time and is one of the most important accessories for Bearded Dragon housing. However, in the dark they are usually dull and stay in one place, they don’t bother to move much at all. Bearded Dragon are mostly found in Australia in areas which are either deserts or rocky area, and so in these areas not much trees is available and so there is not much shelter. A Dragon needs 12 to 14 hours of light to stay healthy. So having light fixed in your Dragon’s enclosure is not the solution, the Dragon also needs UV rays which it gets from the sun in the wild. An owner has to purchase UV or UVB fluorescent light or basking bulb which is easily available at different pet stores or can be bought online through different dealers.

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Things for maintaining the temperature in the enclosure: Bearded Dragons are found in rocky lands or desserts, in these areas temperatures are high and so that the very same temperature is required for a Bearded Dragon in the enclosure so that they can stay healthy and breed successfully. The enclosure must be divided into two sides; one must have high temperature which should be around 90F to 120F whereas other side should be around 80F. For this the owner should keep two thermometers in the enclosure monitoring both sides. For heating up the enclosure owner can use basking light which should be monitored, however in the night the owner can turn of this light and by this the temperature will drop to 60F which can be normal for the lizard. Thermometers are a part of accessories for Bearded Dragon housing.

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Flooring: we usually use wood chips, soil, sand or other kinds of substrate for lizards in captivity, however for Bearded Dragon this kind of flooring is not recommended. The owner can use hard towels or reptile carpets for the flooring as a accessories for Bearded Dragon housing. Reptile carpet can be found in various pet stores and dealers online, newspapers can also be used but they have to be changed very often.

Other accessories for Bearded Dragon housing: Bearded Dragons needs area to play, lay down and to hide and so different items are required in the enclosure which we can also say Dragon’s furniture. A Dragon needs a place to hide which can be made from plastic, rocks or wooden stuff. Artificial tree branches can also be installed in the enclosure which should be strong enough to support Bearded Dragon lizard when climbing.

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