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A Guide to Grooming Persian Cat

(Last Updated On: 29/03/2017)

A Guide to Grooming Persian Cat

Long-haired cat grooming is important. There are so many cat grooming products and cat grooming styles available these days. The pet grooming prices are indeed very high and it is better to know about Grooming Persian Cat at home.

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We have already stressed it several times on pet’s owners that it is not easy to keep the pets. Whether it is a cat or a dog, even if it is a bird, all of them need care, attention and grooming. Grooming Persian cat is probably one of the most costly things for owners of this beauty.

First of all, Persian cat is a royal breed. This cat is sold at high price by the breeder. Secondly, this cat breed is sensitive in nature as compared to other cats. It could not bear the harsh weather. The face and nostrils of these cats are very sensitive and often respiratory diseases are faced by them. Moving back to the grooming of these precious cats, it is important to note that this cat is specifically designed to stay indoors. The outer world is not going to be kind on this fragile kitty. The biggest threat is the fur, coat or hair of these cats which do not allow it to move freely without several dangers from the environment.

The Coat of Persian Cat

Before finding the right way to groom Persian cat, let’s understand what type of coat this cat has.

Persian cats usually have a double coat. The inner coat is usually short and dense and outer coat is long. Both coats are smooth, soft and shiny. The rough coat is a sign of Persian cat with poor nutrition or bad health. The coat sheds when the season changes. It thickens and grows during winter but starts shedding before summer. The shedding is usually not extreme but sometimes it is very worrying. The shedding problem could be addressed by having an insight into cat’s diet and health.

Persian cats hate to get soaked because their coat absorbs water which is really hard to dry later. This is the very reason why some people do not want to give bath to their cats because they could not handle the cat during bath time.

It is very important to understand that grooming Persian cats include the regular baths. If cat is not cleansed with water properly then its coat or fur will start losing the shine and softness.

The Grooming Schedule

If you have just brought a Persian cat home and do not understand the grooming requirements then here is a little help to make you understand what you should do:

Grooming Accessories

First of all, it is important to buy grooming accessories along with other cat stuff e.g. cat litter, cat food and cat bed etc. So, it is best to buy a wide tooth comb (preferable a stainless steel one) or a regular cat grooming brush (it is also available in in steel these days and comes with wide bristles). Grooming gloves are also available and these gloves really add to the grooming of cat plus petting or massaging cat. Cats love it and share their affection by “purring” loud.

After brush/comb, another important grooming persian cat tool is nail clipper. A pet cat’s nails should be trimmed so that the risk of scratching could be minimized. Another important grooming tool is the hair trimmer. The trimmer is not required in all cases but only if the cat’s owner knows the need to trim cat’s long fur.

Shampoos, conditioners and other bathing essentials should also be bought but it is important to check from the Vet or Pet care center that which brand is better. Some shampoos are medicated and are needed for the treatment of fleas, ticks and parasites from the cat’s body. These shampoos could be used only when cat is suffering from some parasite attack because using them regularly could be a little harsh on cat’s skin.

Grooming Tools For Cats At Home

Grooming Persian cat at home is a very cost effective way because it is not easy to bring pet cat to professional groomers every month. The long-haired cat breeds like Persian cats have high grooming needs and Persian cats grooming costs are not affordable for all .Therefore, grooming equipment for cats and dogs (or any pets) should be available at home. 

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Brushes & Combs

There are so many types of brushes and combs. The normal brush with hard bristles could be used on cats but the best thing to do it to buy a stainless steel made comb with wide teeth. It helps to get rid of all loose hair of cat. These combs are specially made for pets and come in wide variety. It is equally important to understand that how one should brush or comb a cat’s fur. If one is not being gentle then definitely it is going to be a huge turn off for cat and she would repulse the whole grooming process. The use of wide tooth comb also helps to remove the tangles and to cut off matted hair. Sometimes the brushes have detachable heads with blades to help cutting the matted hair.

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With the advancement in technology, now even those brushes are available that work like vacuum cleaner and keep the lose hair away.    


Hair clippers are used to get rid of hair which are not looking good on cat. The cats start looking untidy with uncontrolled hair growth over the body. Specially for Persian cats, it is necessary to cut the hair from certain body parts to avoid any dirt stuck with fur. Cats are given proper hair cuts during summer season to keep the body temperatures low. Similarly, cats are given hair cuts when they are shedding a lot more than normal. Some people shave their cats bodies fully to avoid the hair fall and mess. In order to do that, several electric clippers, shavers and trimmers are available today. 

Before buying a hair trimmer or clipper, it should be noted that it is fulfilling the purpose.  


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Miss Dolly – Beautifully Groomed Cat on PERSIAN CATS facebook fan page


Shampoo & Conditioner

The variety of shampoos and conditioners for cats is as wide enough to choose from. The best shampoo for cats is the one which keep the cat’s fur free from any parasites and helps to get rid of fleas, ticks etc. Today, there are waterless bathing foams available which help to cleanse cat without rinsing her. It should be noted that use of medicated shampoo as compared to routine based shampoo is different. The medicated shampoos are used only when needed. When cats are not at risk of any parasite attacks then regular cat shampoos should be used. 

The use of conditioner is also necessary to make the fur of Persian cats soft and smooth. The conditioners are available separately but sometimes there are two in one formulas with shampoo plus conditioner qualities. It depends on the choice and requirement of the cat’s keepers that what type of shampoo they want to purchase. 

Nail Clippers & Nail Caps

Nail clippers are very important because cats are always ready to use their claws over some surface. The natural instinct of cat scratching surfaces could be somewhat reduced by trimming cat’s nails regularly. The cruel method of declawing the cats is now a big controversial subject and even veterinary doctors are not willing to perform the declawing surgery. The clipping and using nail caps is a safe and easy way. 


Tear Stain Cleaner

The big and most annoying cat cleaning/Grooming Persian Cat aspect is the presence of tear stains. Many Persian Cats owners are considered reluctant, careless and untidy just because they forget to keep the eyes of their cats clean on regular basis. Tear staining is something that could not be stopped but there are so many products available today to keep the cat’s facial creases dry from tears. People who have cats with intense tear staining problem have to use these tear stain removing products every day.


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Important tools or accessories of grooming Persian cat at home are available in pet stores and online as well. Today, it is not hard to find a best selling product over internet. Always buy the tool or accessory which seems easy to use and also keeps the cat happy. Some cats find grooming quite scary experience, that’s why cats should be really calm and comfortable when they are going to be on grooming table. The regular cat grooming will keep cat safe from several unwanted diseases. Those who feel that it is inappropriate to clean/bath a cat and it is cruel act must understand the fact that there is a huge difference between a Persian cat (with high physical maintenance needs) and a cat breed with almost zero grooming needs. Persian cats are unable to keep themselves 100% groomed and are dependent on humans to take care of them. 

Brushing Routine

Brushing or combing your cat must be done on regular basis which means every day. It helps to get rid of loose hair and the house stays comparatively clean from cat’s loose hair.

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Bathing Routine

The cat should be given bath at least twice a month. Although, a Persian cat is an indoor pet but it does not mean that the cat has no threat from bacteria or infections. The cat’s saliva itself triggers so much bacteria growth over cat’s body.

The usage of shampoo and conditioner should not be excessive and it is also important to rinse the cat thoroughly. It helps to keep cat safe from the chemical ingestion once the cat lick or groom herself. After bath, it is better if the cat is given a blow dry. Some cats get really frightened by the sound or noise of the blow drying machine but if the cat is held carefully then it could be done. Specially in winters, one should not leave a soaked cat to dry on her own because it could take hours for cat to dry up. And during all this drying up, a cat might catch cold which could be dangerous.

In winters, the bathing should be reduced to once a month depending upon the level of cleanliness of cat. Bathing is an important step of grooming Persian cat.

Nail Clipping

The cats should be provided the nail cap but not all cats are comfortable with them. So it is best if one is clipping or trimming the nails of cats. The nails should be trimmed carefully because it is quite sensitive matter. Do not let the nail clipper touch the pink area of claws because it is not the nail, it is part of flesh and cat would feel pain and get injured if it is being cut. Nail clipping would be required to do whenever nails grow back. It’s best to do it every month at least.

Ear Cleaning

The cats could develop excessive ear wax sometimes and it becomes necessary to clean the ears. The ears could get filled with ear wax which is later dried. A cat with ears filled of ear wax would keep on scratching and shaking the ears. The other reason could be the development of ear mites inside. In such situation, it is best to visit a Vet. Ears are pretty sensitive and no risk should be taken in this regard. The outer ear could be cleansed with a clean damp cotton ball.

Eyes Cleaning

Persian cats come with a face which makes their eyes an extremely sensitive part of body, along with their nose. The flat face makes the eyes teary, watery and runny all the time. This excessive tearing once flowed from eyes forms a route around nose. The tears dry up there and form a stain. This stain could become permanent if the cat’s owner does not wipe clean it regularly. The stain becomes dark and it is quite a bad mark on the face of a white Persian cat. Dark colored Persian cats are able to hide the tear hide but light colored have a big threat to their beautiful faces.

Trimming of Hair

The fur of Persian cats is sometimes very long. It looks very dense and the whole chest and belly area is covered entirely. Similarly, the cat’s paws and anal area is also hairy. This causes a problem sometimes. When a cat’s feces is stuck in the hair around her anal area then it is really hard to clean it. The wipes could help in this regard but if it is happening daily then it could be really frustrating. It is best to trim the hair around this area starting from the root of tail. The hair in the paws of cat would also contain any mud or dirt and it will become hard to clean. So if the hairs could be trimmed from these areas then the everyday problems could be reduced.

 Cat Grooming for a Pretty and Healthy Cat 

Cats are one of those animals who love to be clean. Not only they like keeping themselves clean but always find their way to one of the cleanest place to relax. Cats will groom themselves several times in a day, because of their flexible body; their mouth will reach anywhere to clean themselves with the help of their tongue and saliva. The tongue of a cat has several tiny hard hairs which acts like a brush. This will help in soothing down the hair and also remove any dirt which might be cut in the fur. If you are a cat owner, you might have observed how many times they cat is licking itself, in case they can’t reach their body parts, like ears and head, they wet their paws with their saliva and then clean themselves. Grooming Persian Cat is one of the most important parts of the cat maintenance. One has to give around 20 minutes daily for the grooming of their cat.

Techniques for Brushing Long and Short Haired Cats

  • Brush the coat gently with the respective comb, working from head to tail and in the direction in which the hair grows. For thickly coated cats, it should be made sure that the comb reaches the undercoat and untangles that hair too. In case of very tangled hair, short strokes should be used.
  • Use the respective brush to lay the fur back to its natural shape by first stroking it in the direction of the head and then smoothing it down again.
  • A final touch of slicker brush will take the dead hair off.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to tidy the facial area.
  • Throughout brushing, gently talk to the cat so as to keep it calm.

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Some Useful Cat Grooming Tips

  • If the hair is coming in the hand while petting, the cat is in need of brushing.
  • Brushing cats is more frequent when the warm season arrives as they shed their winter coats.
  • Cats, especially long haired ones do not like to be brushed due to the tangles in their hair. In order to get them to relax while brushing, start regular brushing when they are young, this way they will develop its habit. If they are old and not in a habit of being brushed, train them by alternating petting and gently stroking with a brush.
  • If the cat start pinning its ears back while being brushed, it means that the cat is getting annoyed. Take a break from brushing for some minutes and calm the cat down by gently stroking and giving food treats and then resume brushing cat.
  • Do not ignore brushing cat just because cat doesn’t enjoy it. Cat hairball could turn into serious health problem if cat has to keep on grooming itself with own tongue; brushing helps a lot in this regard.

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