Easy Guide About How to Take Care of Your Dog

Easy Tips of Dog Care

A dog is a true lover. It gives immense love, care, protection and attention to its owner and in return it’s a job of all us human beings to give care to them in return. Once you start giving proper dog care you yourself will notice a change in your life and an even stronger bond between you and your dog.

In many cases it has been reported a dog saving their owner’s life. For example, a dog saved its owner from drowning, a dog saving its owner when their owner was having a stroke, low blood pressure or blood sugar attacks, or other a medical emergency. A dog can be a perfect babysitter. A dog is that animal which can trust completely without even a hint of suspicion in them or about them. This article will guide you to the care of your dog and you will notice how even more beautiful your life has become.

Dog careDog careBringing the puppy home: This is a crucial stage of care it’s almost like bringing a baby home. The first step is to name your new four legged baby. An owner should name their dog according to their coloring, gender and breed. Over here, personal recommendation is to adopt the pups at shelters, dog pounds and adoption centers instead of going for breeders and pet shops, dogs at shelters also need a forever home. At this stage your puppy is dependent on you for everything and you have to give him a proper care. You have to feed it on time, bathe it, train it and also give him endless love and care just like a mother would.

Dog careDog care

Like all humans, a dog need some personal supplies to, they need their own toys, they need leashes, collars, clothes (for the winters), special dog shampoos, oil, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant and others. All these stuffs are a must for your care. When having a dog, proper dog grooming equipments must be available at home. Just imagine yourself living without a hair brush; a dog feels the same way!

Dog careDog careFor complete dog care proper food must be given. A dog can be fed with boiled meat along with lentils, vegetable, rice and beans. A perfect dog food is the one prepared at home, and you’ll see how eagerly your dog will eat and how happy and thankful it will be. Here’s a quick recipe, in a cooking pot, toss in some chopped red meat, chopped potatoes, chopped carrots, some chick peas and four tablespoons of rice. Let it all of them cook together in water, once cooked you can serve this balanced diet food to your dog.

Dog careDog care

A dog needs a daily one hour walk outdoor. This is a great exercise activity for you and your dog. A dog requires a bath once in a week, ear cleaning on a daily basis, along with nose and eyes cleaning. They also require regular fur brushing and their canines can be brushed while they are having their bath. Always keep in mind that dogs are like your four legged children and they can be excellent companions for a human.

Dog care

Dogs are truly a blessing from the heavens above. They are complete and pure love, their love for us is unconditional and it’s our duty to keep them even more loved and safe. We at Purrs N Grrs have a motto of providing dogs a forever home, especially those dogs that are looking for families and are at dog shelters and pounds. At Purrs N Grrs you can find complete dog care information along with tips and guidelines. You can browse about information regarding different dog breeds, dog housing, dog feeding, and dog grooming, along with various other Dog Tips.

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