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5 Easy Ways of Removing Cat Fleas

(Last Updated On: 26/03/2017)

5 Easy Ways of Removing Cat fleas.

One of the main problem that we face is removing cat fleas. There are a lot of cat flea products available in the market but before using them we should always see their reviews and check which product is good. We cant use these products blindly because cats lick themselves and due to this we have to use products which are safe for our pets.

Following are the 5 methods which are safe and can easily be used for removing cat fleas


1. Flea Comb:

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By using Flea comb you can easily remove fleas but we have to use the juice of citrus with comb. Fleas hate the smell of citrus but cats are also allergic to its smell. You can use mix citrus juice with water which will dilute the juice.
Once the cat is brushed with a flea comb, fleas will leave the cat and will not return because the fur will have citrus smell.
Things needed:
You will need a flea comb.
3 regular size lemons.
A spray bottle.
3 cups of water.
Chop the lemons in half and boil them in 3 cups of water. Once boiled remove them from the stove and let it cool down. Once its the mixture is at room temperature put it in spray bottle and spray it on cats fur and gently comb its fur. You can also dip the comb in lemon juice and water mixture and use it on your cat. Do this twice a day.
Please do make sure that your cat is not allergic to lemon smell even after it has been diluted with water. If the cat is still uncomfortable then use something else.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar:

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Cat Fleas also hate the smell of Apple cider vinegar. You use it while bathing your cat. Just mix the apple cider vinegar with cat shampoo and bathe your cat.

Mix the shampoo with apple cider vinegar and put them in a spray bottle and spray it on your cat or you can even use this directly on your cat.

3. Diatomaceous Earth:

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Diatomaceous earth can also be used against cat fleas. You can use food grade Diatomaceous earth which can be found in stores. Just remember to wear gloves and a mask before using it on your cat. You have to rub it on your cats fur.

4. Bathing Your Cat:
Bathing your cat regularly with unscented castile soap diluted fifty fifty with water also helps a lot. You can also use other non irritating products.
Just make sure that you start from the neck and go towards the tail. Fleas normally come towards the head and stay there because they will remain safe.

5. Vacuum:
Vacuum the entire house on regular basis so that it sucks all the cat fleas eggs. Clean the vacuum cleaner once your done.

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